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Creative thinking has traditionally been associated with marketing. And no one can deny it’s got an important role to play there. But it’s most effective the closer you apply it to a business problem. That means it should be embraced by every part of an organisation. Dave helps businesses do that in a number of ways.

Board Advice

If your strategy and targets are ambitious, you’ll need fresh thinking to bring them to life. Dave will work with you to harness the minds of your staff - and others - to produce effective ideas that help to drive the business in the right direction. He'll look at your structure, processes, culture, internal communications, training and other factors to help you create a fertile environment for producing powerful ideas.

Problem solving

If you still rely on the traditional brainstorm to generate ideas in your organisation, it’s time for a change. Dave will show you how to solve problems more effectively using his RADCAT system. It’s a series of easy-to-follow steps that take you from ‘I need a great solution’ to ‘I have a great solution’. It includes techniques and workshops for each stage. And a robust system for managing the entire process.

Training and Inspiration

Dave is an experienced educator who has been trusted by universities, trade bodies and companies of all sizes. He sees his education sessions as transformative processes that move people from state A to state B. He teaches all aspects of the creative process from strategy to idea-generation techniques, prototyping to management. And he does it in an interactive and inspiring way that consistently gets brilliant feedback and rave reviews.

Workshop Facilitation

If there’s a problem you really need the best ideas on, Dave can help you create and run workshops that will get you better results. He’ll work with you to define the problem and the ideal outcome. He’ll then help you plan, manage and run the workshops to ensure you get the best results. This can be as small as a single idea-generation session or as big as an organisation-wide program that engages multiple departments.


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