TV and video

The Day Before Tomorrow

This is a 6-part series of half hour shows that explores the big technologies set to revolutionise different industries. The series covers Health, Education, Entertainment, Smart Cities, Finance and Retail. Dave wrote, presented and directed the shows. They've been broadcast on UK television and are available to watch online.

Secret Spaces

This is a Virtual Reality documentary that tells the story of Sir Christopher Wren and his greatest creation - St Paul's Cathedral. It gets us into parts of the building that have been closed to the public for centuries. And you can enjoy it across a whole bunch of devices right here.

Newt Judge Experiment

I ran an experiment to find out if alcohol makes you more creative. I took 18 advertising creatives and split them into two groups to work on the same brief. Here's a short online film that takes you through the experiment and gives you an insight into the mayhem of the night that led to some pretty interesting results.

My books

A User Guide to the Creative Mind

This book exposes creativity as a process. It shows that there are certain steps you need to follow before you can be struck by that moment of creative genius. It shows you how to get your mind into the right place to come up with ideas. And it gives you some techniques to help you approach problems in different ways.

The One Day Code School Workbook

This book is not available in the shops. The only way to get your hands on a copy is by attending One Day Code School. It takes you from no understanding of code through to hand-coding your very own webpage with HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. So you'll never forget what you learned on the day.

The Agitator's Handbook

This book was a private commission from ESI Media. I wrote, illustrated and designed the book. It explains how to write briefs, come up with ideas and present those ideas on to other people. It's a handbook for staff throughout the company. And I really wish I could release it to the rest of the world!

Other books

Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to Creative Social's book on the future of advertising. I wrote about what makes a great Creative Director. There are some other rather good contributors in there too, so it's definitely worth buying a copy.


I taught a course on branded content and the future of broadcast at the Universidad Católica de Chile. They then translated some of my lectures into Spanish and put them into this book. I have no idea what it says.

Change Agent

Change Agent is a digital publication from Hyper Island. I was interviewed for it and my blatherings appear in a number of the chapters. You can download it to your iPhone in case you're worried about running out of storage space on your bookshelf.


TEDx Tottenham

Technology may be moving the world forward but it's not always good for us. In this talk I explain how the way we're using technology is having a negative impact on creativity. And I do it with the aid of a mallet and lots of shiny gadgets. Enjoy!

Branded Broadcast

Brands have been involved in broadcast from the earliest days. They started by creating and funding programming before moving into the mass-market world of advertising. This talk proposes that we're entering a new age of Branded Programming.

Creative Viagra

People are always asking for a quick fix to make them more creative. In this talk, I cover twelve easy-to-swallow tips that are guaranteed to improve your creative output. Some are faster-acting than others. Prepare to become a raging ideas-machine.

BBC Boom

The BBC wanted to know what I would do if they gave me my own channel. My answer was I'd use it to shake up the world of broadcast and do things a bit differently. In this talk I take a bunch of assumptions and turn them on their head.

Dot Collecting

Creative techniques are all about finding new ways to connect the dots. But before you do that you need to collect the dots. I take you through the creative process from important daily habits through brain science to those explosions of insight.

How to kill an idea

These days lots of companies are looking for creativity and innovation. Yet they're not designed to support fresh thinking. Having seen countless ideas killed and maimed in my advertising career, I reveal the biggest innovation-killers.


Just Boil It

I was frustrated at not being able to boil an egg very well. So I spent a Sunday afternoon with my daughter experimenting on a couple of dozen eggs. And we turned the results into the world's best egg timer. It's like seeing what's happening inside the egg. You don't need to thank me. But you can if you want.

This Site Inspires Me

If you're looking for a bit of help in coming up with ideas, this is where to turn. The site offers you nearly 100 random principles picked up from award-winning products, ads and businesses. Use these as prompts when you're trying to come up with your own ideas and you might pick up some awards too.

Drop The Mic

Every now and then you say something online that's so smart no one can follow it. For those very moments I created Drop The Mic - a site you link to at the end of your pithy nugget of genius. If it's good enough for Obama, it's good enough for you. Bookmark the site for that special occasion.

Hillary Ad Generator

The day that Hillary announced she was running for president, I built a site to allow anyone to create their very own campaign ad for her. The Drum put it on their site and it got a fair amount of action. Go on. She still needs your help.


This site is inspired by my book A User Guide to the Creative Mind. It has 100 pieces of creative advice to knock you out of the creative doldrums - along with a random Flickr image to give you some visual stimulation. There's no excuse now!

Just Roast It

Man cannot live on eggs alone. So I built an online calculator to help you roast your beast to perfection. I love looking at the site's stats to see the big spikes every Sunday and on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm still hopeless at Yorkshire Puddings.

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