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Dave Birss, writer, speaker, advisor

26 December 2017

The last year and a half have been a pretty intense journey for Soon Yu and myself. Even although we’re on opposite sides of the Atlantic, we managed to write a book together. And it’s nearly ready to hit the shops. You can pre-order it now so that you can get your reading-mittens on it the day it’s released.

This book will look amazing on your shelf, don’t you think?

Rather than try to write an elegant summary of the book, it’s probably best if I give you the blurb from the back cover (seeing as I wrote it anyway!)

“This book isn’t just about celebrating the iconic brands that are already part of our lives, it’s about giving you the tools to create your own. It will help you create competitive advantage, protect your brand from obsolescence and build stronger customer loyalty.”

If I was to tell you the book was great, you’d have no reason to believe me. So instead, I’ll let you read what other people think about it.

And not just any old people either. These people are pretty special.

First of all, somebody who knows a thing or two about books:

“This book explains why some brands are built to last and others seem doomed to perish. It’s a framework that every marketer can put into play right away.” 

—Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take, Originals, and Option B with Sheryl Sandberg

Next, somebody who knows a bit about working with brands:

“Great brands are truly iconic…but creating one is as much science as it is art. This book teaches you the key ingredients so you can create your own Iconic Advantage.”

—Claudia Kotchka, Former VP of Design Innovation & Strategy, Procter & Gamble

And finally, someone who knows a few things about creating iconic products:

“Icons are critical strategic assets for brands and companies. This book offers deep insights on how to establish timeless distinction and relevance, and builds a compelling case for all companies, from Fortune 500 to venture-backed startups, to focus their resources on building greater iconicity.”

—Iris Yen, Global VP of Strategy, Nike

I know, right?

If these people think it’s an OK book, it might be worth reading.

So make sure you get it first:


To give you a little taster, here are some of the things we talk about in the book to illustrate our points.

If you want to get the learnings from the book in person, I’m available to do talks and workshops.

Just drop me a line and let me know.

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