Being inspired by the street

 Dave Birss , writer, speaker, advisor

15 JULY 2019

This is the third ‘Inspire Me!’ film. And this one takes place on a noisy London street. The camera is a wee bit shaky (I forgot to switch image stabilisation on before I filmed. Ooops!) but it’s hopefully still watchable without giving you motion sickness. 

You can see the first episode here. And the second one here.

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Hi I’m Dave Birss. And today I’m going to try to get some inspiration from the street. And boy! Is it noisy.

So what I want to talk about today is these things that you chain your bike to. They’re pretty useful. Let’s see if we can get three principles that we can learn from them and start applying to our own ideas.



So the first principle I think we can learn is “help people feel secure”. I don’t think it’s that difficult to steal a bike that’s been chained up. I’ve certainly had bikes stolen. They’ve had a chain round them, they’ve been attached to a lamp post, so I don’t think it’s too hard. But the very fact that you have chained it to one of these things helps you feel secure. It gives you confidence yourself.

So what can you do to help people feel secure in whatever you’re working on?



The second principle we can learn is “make it look official”. Look at the little blue parking badge on this. Look at the icon for the bike and the yellow reflective tape. It looks as if it’s put there by the authorities. Probably because it has been. But it also helps give confidence.

Is there anything that you can do to help make things look more official that might help you achieve what you’re trying to achieve more effectively?



And our third principle is “understand people’s needs a specific moment”. These bicycle lock things are beside the shops. Now when a cyclist comes along that’s exactly when they’re going to need them. They can’t take their bike into the shop so they’re going to chain up here.

So is there anything you can do by understanding people’s specific needs at a precise moment that will help you solve your problem more effectively?

Maybe one of these prompts will help to inspire you to have an idea you wouldn’t normally have. If you find it useful then please share it, like it, comment below. Are there any other things that you think we could learn from this? Share, like, subscribe, ring the bell icon. Do all the good stuff. I don’t need to tell you that.

And in the meantime until I see you next time – big love to your beautiful brain!