For several years, creative thinking has been at the top of the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for. And I’ve been writing books and teaching it for over a decade (after working in the creative industries for two decades).

I think it’s such an important skill that I’m offering you this 5-day email course for free.

That’s right. It won’t cost you a penny. But I will cost you some effort, if you want to benefit from it.

Just fill in your email address and you’ll receive five daily emails from me, with exercises that will increase your creative abilities, no matter how creative you already are.


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Dave Birss - FREE 5-day Creative Bootcamp Email course
In this 5-day email course, you’ll learn:

  • The habit that will help you break out of a thinking rut
  • How to think beyond the limits of conformity
  • How not to kill ideas
  • Which people to work with when you have an idea
  • The 6 creative thinking skills to develop
  • How to develop your curiosity
  • and lots more
These are lessons that people usually pay good money to learn in my creative thinking courses. But you get them for free. Even if you are a seasoned creative professional, you’ll still benefit from these lessons.
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I also have a number of courses available on LinkedIn Learning. You may be interested in my 10-day creative booster course. Or my practical creativity course.

Hit the button below and see what takes your fancy.

Sign up for the FREE 5-day Creative Bootcamp

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THE AUTHOR OF THE 5-day creative boot camp

This email course was created by Dave Birss

He believes everyone is born creative – it’s just that most people learn how to be uncreative over time. He spends much of his time helping people rediscover their creative abilities. 

Dave is the author of several books on creativity and innovation. And a LinkedIn Learning instructor with several courses under his belt.

He was an advertising creative for 20 years, eventually becoming creative director of some of the UK’s biggest and best agencies.

He now helps businesses have valuable ideas they wouldn’t normally have.

He does that all over the world. Although these days, he travels the world via webcam from his flat in London.

Dave Birss client logos
Dave Birss client logos

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