About Dave Birss

The world’s favourite AI instructor

Dave Birss has quickly established himself as the top AI instructor on LinkedIn Learning. His first AI course on the platform has attracted over 100,000 students and receives rave reviews daily.

Beyond teaching, Dave advises numerous companies on practical AI implementation, including leading Fortune 500 firms.

He will soon launch the Sensible AI Manifesto to provide organizations of all sizes with guidance on incorporating generative AI into their activities in the most effective ways.

In addition to his AI expertise, Dave is an acclaimed author, speaker, and broadcaster on the topics of innovation, creativity, and ideation. He speaks professionally at events around the world, wowing audiences with his insights and humor.

Dave has authored several bestselling books dissecting the creative process, including “How To Get To Great Ideas,” “A User Guide To The Creative Mind,” “Friction,” and “Iconic Advantage.” His upcoming book will focus on applied AI.

Dave has taught university courses on multiple continents, from Singapore to Santiago and New York to Newcastle.

He is an occasional broadcaster, having written, directed and presented the 6-part TV series “The Day Before Tomorrow” in the UK. Dave also wrote and presented the world’s first Virtual Reality history documentary “Secret Spaces.” And he has lent his expert commentary to news programs on the BBC and Channel 5.

With his prolific output across books, courses, speaking, advising, and broadcasting, Dave Birss has established himself as a leading global authority at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and AI.

He’s currently working on more courses, a video series, a couple of books and releases content on an almost daily basis.