“AI for teams” workshop

A half-day session to integrate AI successfully

enhance your team’s abilities with chatgpt and AI tools


As a leader, you’re always looking for ways to help your team work smarter, faster, and better. Now more than ever, integrating artificial intelligence can give your people that boost.

Join us for a lively half-day virtual workshop – AI for Teams – where we’ll uncover practical ways to leverage tools like ChatGPT to enhance productivity across roles. This is a hands-on learning experience aimed at providing you and your team with an AI advantage.

Through enjoyable presentations and practical activities, you’ll see how AI can automate tedious tasks, generate insights, and accomplish the previously unachievable. You’ll walk away with real-world prompts and use cases tailored to your business needs. No fancy tech degrees required – just an open mind and willingness to engage.

We know your team is busy, so we designed this to be interactive, enjoyable, and respectful of their time. You and your team can join from anywhere with just an internet connection. Or, if you prefer, you can have the workshop in-person. Whether you oversee developers, marketers, HR, or any other function, this workshop will demonstrate how AI can become an invaluable asset.

Give your team the opportunity to unlock their potential and thrive in the age of AI. Arrange a call to talk about how the AI for Teams Workshop can benefit you.

Perfect for entire teams or departments

Dave Birss running a creativity masterclass

what I teach in the “AI for Teams” workshop

Understanding AI & ChatGPT

You’ll get a good understanding of ChatGPT (and other AIs) and how to use them. You’ll see inspiring examples. And learn a practical framework for writing effective prompts.

working out where to use it

We’ll look at your most common tasks and identify where we can use AI to help you achieve better results. Or to help you streamline mundane tasks so you can focus on important stuff.

Writing our own prompts

Now that we’ve identified where we can use AI and ChatGPT most effectively, we’ll spend time writing and testing our own prompts. These can be used right away to make an immediate difference.

How you can benefit from the “AI for teams” workshop

  • Delight customers with AI-generated content and interactions customized to each client’s needs.
  • Create consistency with libraries of approved prompts that align AI use company-wide.
  • Drive innovation across the company by leveraging AI to produce novel solutions and ideas.
  • Increase output quality with AI refinement that enhances accuracy and optimization.
  • Make faster, data-driven decisions with synthesis of vast amounts of information into actionable insights.
  • Accelerate workflows by using AI to automate repetitive, low-value tasks
  • Minimize errors through AI proofreading and quality control across documents and data.
  • Get ahead of the curve by upskilling staff in prompt engineering to future-proof operations.
  • Maximize AI investments by honing prompting skills to realize the full potential of models.
  • Win more business with AI-generated proposals tailored to each prospective client’s needs.
  • Stand out from the competition by strategically implementing advanced AI capabilities.
  • Enhance human productivity by using AI to augment critical thinking and creativity.
AI Unlocked leave behind booklet - from Dave Birss

Includes a booklet with a summary and useful prompts

This workshop is designed to have as much of an impact on attendees as possible. So rather than expecting them to refer back to their hastily scribbled notes after the session, they’ll get a PDF booklet with key learnings and a list of useful prompts they can apply to their own job immediately.
Dave Birss teaching AI prompt engineering for LinkedIn Learning

Attendee kit-list for the
AI for teams workshop:

  • A laptop
  • A ChatGPT account
  • An open mind
  • A positive attitude
  • A sense of humour


If you want to learn more more about AI and prompt engineering, this course is a great place to start.

And here’s what clients are saying:


ratings for virtual presenting fast track


ratings for virtual presenting fast track


ratings for virtual presenting fast track
Before attending Dave’s Unlocked AI course I felt uncertain about how to effectively use AI to support my workflow and confused about wether this was actually something I wanted to do. After attending this course, I feel more confident in incorporating AI into my workflow in a way that doesn’t comprise the value that I bring
Kate Ensor

Really enjoyed attending Dave’s AI workshop, I came away with a very different strategy to my content writing challenge which will help me to get more & better quality outputs from the AI tools. Many thanks.
Andrew Nash

Highly recommend. Dave is engaging and provides information you can use.
Christopher Hopkins

Dave has created the perfect workshop that cuts through the AI hype and provides easy to understand frameworks, tools, tips and techniques that builds enough confidence to begin to utilize AI effectively in business and personal life. Top Marks.
Mark Fallows

Great training, very useful information, resources to implement after the training. Highly recommended.
Mario Abreu

I am so grateful for participating in Dave’s AI workshop. Whether you’re a newcomer to AI or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills, this workshop caters to all levels of proficiency. Dave’s workshop extends beyond theoretical concepts, offering hands-on prompt writing activities. You won’t want to miss this chance to learn from a true expert!
David Chen

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