Boost your abilities with AI

A half-day workshop for AI superpowers

“AI Unlocked” workshop:
enhance your abilities with chatgpt and AI tools

Looking to augment your skills and achieve more than you previously dreamed? Say hello to “AI Unlocked,” a lively half-day workshop that’s focused on giving you a serious boost! We’re talking AI, ChatGPT, and a whole lot of fun. You might be wondering, “Will this work for the specific thing that I do?” Fear not, this workshop is a one-size-fits-all affair, perfect for all roles and abilities.

Over three and a half action-packed hours, you’ll dive into the wild world of ChatGPT for business, uncovering new ways this amazing AI can supercharge your daily tasks. From helping you achieve the previously impossible to making tedious tasks a breeze.

And don’t worry, there’s no need for any fancy AI degrees here; all you need is a trusty web browser and a can-do attitude!

This workshop will be delivered virtually, so you can join from anywhere in the world, if the time suits you. Expect a hands-on learning experience with presentations that inform and activities that engage, as attendees team up to tackle challenges and become ChatGPT pros.

When the dust settles and the workshop comes to a close, you won’t leave empty-handed. You’ll walk away armed with a handy PDF summary of the highlights, plus a bunch of prompts ready for real-world application.

So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself the AI-powered edge you deserve with our “AI Unlocked” workshop, and get ready to soar past the mere mortals.


17th October 2023

4pm UK / 11am ET / 8am PT

Dave Birss running a creativity masterclass

what I teach in the AI Unlocked workshop

Understanding AI & ChatGPT

We start by giving a good understanding of ChatGPT and other forms of AI and how to use them. You’ll see inspiring examples. And learn a practical framework for writing effective prompts.

working out where to use it

We’ll look at your most common tasks and identify where we can use AI to help you achieve better results. Or to help you streamline mundane tasks so you can focus on important stuff.

Writing our own prompts

Now that we’ve identified where we can use AI and ChatGPT most effectively, we’ll spend time writing and testing our own prompts. These can be used right away to make an immediate difference.

The benefits of the AI Unlocked workshop

  • Make colleagues and clients happier than ever with improved output quality and personalized interactions, thanks to ChatGPT.
  • Unleash your creativity and drive innovation with AI-generated ideas and solutions.
  • Say goodbye to mediocre output! With AI, you’ll see refined and optimized work that leads to better results and increased accuracy.
  • Make smarter decisions with AI-generated insights and data analysis to inform your strategic choices.
  • Complete projects faster without sacrificing quality, thanks to streamlined workflows and processes with ChatGPT for business.
  • Say adios to errors! ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities help minimize mistakes in proofreading, data entry, and reporting.
  • Let ChatGPT tackle information overload, synthesizing and analyzing vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights for your team.
  • Create personalized communications with ChatGPT-generated content tailored to specific audience segments.
  • Future-proof yourself so that you remain relevent in a changing world.
  • Enjoy your job more by reducing mundane tasks and achieving more in the exciting ones.
  • Win more proposals with ChatGPT-generated, persuasive, and data-driven documents that impress your clients.
  • Accellerate your career by showing that you’re adaptable and capable of far more than others.
AI Unlocked leave behind booklet - from Dave Birss

Includes a booklet with a summary and useful prompts

This workshop is designed to have as much of an impact on attendees as possible. So rather than expecting you to refer back to your hastily scribbled notes after the session, you’ll get a PDF booklet with the key learnings and a list of useful prompts you can apply to your own job immediately.

Dave Birss teaching AI prompt engineering for LinkedIn Learning

Attendee kit-list for the
AI unlocked workshop:

  • A laptop
  • A ChatGPT account
  • An open mind
  • A positive attitude
  • A sense of humour


If you want to learn more more about AI and prompt engineering, this course is a great place to start.

Dave Birss has the most popular AI course on LinkedIn Learning

And here’s what learners are saying:


ratings for virtual presenting fast track


ratings for virtual presenting fast track


ratings for virtual presenting fast track
Before attending Dave’s Unlocked AI course I felt uncertain about how to effectively use AI to support my workflow and confused about wether this was actually something I wanted to do. After attending this course, I feel more confident in incorporating AI into my workflow in a way that doesn’t comprise the value that I bring
Kate Ensor

Really enjoyed attending Dave’s AI workshop, I came away with a very different strategy to my content writing challenge which will help me to get more & better quality outputs from the AI tools. Many thanks.
Andrew Nash

Highly recommend. Dave is engaging and provides information you can use.
Christopher Hopkins

Dave has created the perfect workshop that cuts through the AI hype and provides easy to understand frameworks, tools, tips and techniques that builds enough confidence to begin to utilize AI effectively in business and personal life. Top Marks.
Mark Fallows

Great training, very useful information, resources to implement after the training. Highly recommended.
Mario Abreu

I am so grateful for participating in Dave’s AI workshop. Whether you’re a newcomer to AI or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills, this workshop caters to all levels of proficiency. Dave’s workshop extends beyond theoretical concepts, offering hands-on prompt writing activities. You won’t want to miss this chance to learn from a true expert!
David Chen

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