“The best virtual presenter I’ve ever seen!”

– J.W.

The Virtual Keynote Speaker that trains other keynote speakers

When lockdown happened in 2020, I threw myself into working out how to do the best virtual keynote talks and workshops. I did audience research. I conducted experiments. I invested in technology. And I’ve continued innovating and refining what I do ever since.

The virtual presentations I was doing quickly got attention. LinkedIn Learning asked me to create a course on running remote workshops and other keynote speakers came to me asking for help. I did one-on-one coaching and I used my learnings to develop courses on delivering virtual presentations.

All of this knowledge and experience goes into my own virtual keynote presentations. They’re entertaining, educational, engaging, and eye-popping.

And – most importantly – they get great reviews.

"Dave has a wonderful talent for delivering sessions remotely and keeping them fun, relevant and inclusive. "

Andy Oakes, Bluestripe Group

"It's not everyone who can engage, challenge, amuse, and educate. Highly recommended for businesses that need to put the Boom in their Zoom."

Katherine Wildman, Haydn Grey

"Dave worked with us to create a program that was fun and engaging. Dave’s approach is smart, thorough, and creative. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him."

Alexis Maharam, Sanofi Genzyme

"Thank you Dave! I don’t think we suffered at all by only having your virtual presence for the last couple of days."

Tom Barr, BAM Nuttall Ltd

"Dave has been an outstanding teacher and speaker for years. When lockdown happened, he embraced the online world like no one else and made sure he was the best at delivering in the digital space."

Marc Lewis, Dean @ School of Communication Arts

"The best virtual presenter I've ever seen!"

Jennifer Webb, TrunkBBI

Popular Talks
Innovating in a crisis

Trying to innovate when the pressure’s on is very different to doing it when the going is good. This talk looks at what it takes to spot opportunities and adapt to a changing environment.

kick-ass virtual presenting

Most people have simply been delivering the same presentation online that they’re used to doing face-to-face. That doesn’t work. This inspiring talk looks at what it takes to digitally knock it out of the park.

how to have fresh ideas

If you feel that your team are just coming up with the same ideas again and again, this talk is for you. It gives a clear understanding of the creative mind and shares techniques to nudge your thinking.

Plus other talks and bespoke sessions
Dave Birss client logos
Dave Birss client logos

Ideal for virtual conferences, remote talks, online team-building, corporate meetings, education programs, virtual client meetings, and other virtually-hosted events.

what to expect from a virtual keynote presentation from dave birss

Practical learnings on creativity, innovation, or presentation skills

Talks tailored to your audience and needs

Entertaining and witty delivery

Audience involvement

High impact on-screen graphics

Engaged audiences

Great reviews

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Dave Birss,
Dave Birss is a virtual keynote speaker who talks about creativity, innovation, and public speaking. His talks are entertaining, educational, engaging, and eye-popping. And – most importantly – they get great reviews.