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“AI Unlocked” workshop:
enhance your team’s abilities with chatgpt for business

Looking for that secret ingredient to spice up your team’s productivity? Say hello to “AI Unlocked,” a lively half-day workshop that’s all about giving your team a serious boost! We’re talking AI, ChatGPT, and a whole lot of fun. You might be wondering, “Is this for my industry or team?” Fear not, this workshop is a one-size-fits-all affair, perfect for any office-based team.

Over four action-packed hours, your team will dive into the wild world of ChatGPT for business, uncovering all the ways this amazing AI can supercharge their daily tasks. From helping them achieve the previously impossible to making tedious tasks a breeze, your team will be singing the praises of ChatGPT in no time.

And don’t worry, there’s no need for any fancy AI degrees here; all they need is a trusty web browser and a can-do attitude!

Whether you’re an in-person kind of team or all about that online life, we’ve got you covered. Our workshop can be delivered in the format that best fits your team’s needs, so there’s no excuse to miss out on the AI action. Expect a hands-on learning experience with presentations that inform and activities that engage, as attendees team up to tackle challenges and become ChatGPT pros.

When the dust settles and the workshop comes to a close, your team won’t leave empty-handed. They’ll walk away armed with a handy PDF summary of the highlights, plus a bunch of custom-made prompts ready for real-world application. There’s no better way to learn ChatGPT for business.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your team the AI-powered edge they deserve with our “AI Unlocked” workshop, and watch them soar to new heights.

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Dave Birss running a creativity masterclass

How I teach ChatGPT for business

Understanding AI & ChatGPT

We start by giving a good understanding of ChatGPT and other forms of AI and how to use them. You’ll see inspiring examples. And learn a practical framework for writing effective prompts.

working out where to use it

We’ll look at your most common tasks and identify where we can use AI to help you achieve better results. Or to help you streamline mundane tasks so you can focus on important stuff.

Writing our own prompts

Now that we’ve identified where we can use AI and ChatGPT most effectively, we’ll spend time writing and testing our own prompts. These can be used right away to make an immediate difference.

The benefits of this chatgpt for business workshop

  • Keep your team motivated by introducing them to new and exciting learning opportunities with cutting-edge technology.
  • Make your clients happier than ever with improved output quality and personalized interactions, thanks to ChatGPT.
  • Unleash your team’s creativity and drive innovation with AI-generated ideas and solutions.
  • Say goodbye to mediocre output! With AI, you’ll see refined and optimized work that leads to better results and increased accuracy.
  • Make smarter decisions with AI-generated insights and data analysis to inform your strategic choices.
  • Complete projects faster without sacrificing quality, thanks to streamlined workflows and processes with ChatGPT for business.
  • Say adios to errors! ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities help minimize mistakes in proofreading, data entry, and reporting.
  • Let ChatGPT tackle information overload, synthesizing and analyzing vast amounts of data to provide actionable insights for your team.
  • Show off your company’s commitment to technological innovation and employee development, boosting your public image.
  • Create personalized marketing and communication campaigns with ChatGPT-generated content tailored to specific audience segments.
  • Build a future-proof workforce that can adapt to new technological advancements and industry changes.
  • Keep employees satisfied by reducing mundane tasks and offering opportunities to work on engaging, high-value projects.
  • Optimize resource allocation by identifying where AI can make the biggest impact, freeing up human resources for priority tasks.
  • Win more proposals with ChatGPT-generated, persuasive, and data-driven documents that impress your clients.
  • Fill skill gaps and enhance existing expertise by tapping into the capabilities of ChatGPT for business.
  • Secure long-term growth and success by investing in your team’s AI skills, giving them a competitive advantage in the market.
AI Unlocked leave behind booklet - from Dave Birss

Includes a booklet with a summary and useful prompts

This workshop is designed to have as much of an impact on attendees as possible. So rather than expecting them to refer back to their hastily scribbled notes after the session, they all get a PDF booklet with the key learnings and a list of useful prompts they can apply to their own job immediately.

Learn chatgpt for business your way

How would you like to do this? Would you prefer to have all the team in the same room? That’s fine with me. Or do you have a distributed team that work online? No problem! My remote workshops are legendary (I even created a course on how to do them!)

Face-to-Face workshop

You pick the venue and I’ll turn up with my laptop. We’ll spend 4 hours (with a little break in the middle) learning about AI and developing our own prompts. And having a few laughs along the way.

For up to 15 attendees

Online Workshop

Attendees will benefit just as much from the virtual workshop as the in-person one. We’ll get together for the best Zoom you could ever imagine. It’ll be interactive, entertaining and educational. Trousers optional.

For up to 15 attendees

Dave Birss teaching AI prompt engineering for LinkedIn Learning

Attendee kit-list for our ChatGPT for business workshop:

  • A laptop
  • A ChatGPT account (I’ll send details in advance)
  • An open mind
  • A positive attitude
  • A sense of humour

Check out my LinkedIn Learning course on prompt engineering

If you want to see if my content is any good, check out my Generative AI course on LinkedIn Learning. And even better – check out what learners have to say about it below.

And here’s what students are saying:

Reviews of Dave Birss's course on writing ChatGPT prompts
Your course was fantastic! You made me feel like we were in the same room and you gave me some valuable tactics to go practice and refine. I’ve already bookmarked some more of your courses, keep up the awesome work!
Patrick Riley

Thank you Dave Birss for the informative course on “How to Research and Write using Generative AI tools”. Your course has been incredibly helpful in teaching me how to utilize new AI tools such as ChatGPT to enhance my research and writing abilities. I appreciated the clear and concise instructions provided throughout the course, which allowed me to quickly and easily learn how to use these powerful tools. Now I’m so much excited to start applying these new skills to my work, and see significant improvement in the quality of my  research and writing.
Hassan Karahamo

This is a wonderful course through Linked In Learning. If you’ve been curious about what all the fuss over Chat GPT is about, you’ll get some solid answers here. Highly recommended!
Lloyd Wasser

Brilliant – so well structured, interesting and useful. Anyone who rides anything will learn buckets watching this.
Mel Henson

Interesting and useful short introductory course that was worth taking even for those with some existing experience of working with chatGPT. I particularly found the idea of giving the AI a specific personality and background to help give focus and tone to the results.
Robert McIntosh

I took “How to Research & Write Using Generative AI Tools” Friday, and it blew me away. I loved the prompts & tips, your delivery & style. Thank you! 
Catherine Carr

Thanks for the fantastic course. Your suggested approach and prompts have already improved my conversations with AI. It will be a catalyst. I’ll keep on track for this one.
Hande Edremit

I took your course on writing with ChatGPT. It was very interesting and helped me comprehend better how the AI works. It is such a great idea to have this kind of course available to navigate ChatGPT and get the best usage out of it. Thank you for creating the course!
Monika Paquette

I just finished watching your course about using generative AI tools, it was so innovative and informative. I learned a lot.
Yuval Hernik

Great work, Dave! I loved the ChatGPT prompt templates and will surely use them in my work.

Iulia-Cristina Uță

Time very well invested! Some great ideas and insights on how to use ChatGPT to build on your work and enable you to do greater research and writing. Thanks to Dave Birss for being such a delightful tutor!

Emma Sands

If you’re looking for a great primer on using AI in your work, take this course with Dave Birss. Awesome content and an incredible tool to learn.

Derek L.

Just finished your AI course. THANK YOU! I was hesitant to jump on this bandwagon, but the course opened up a whole constellation of possibilities.
Christopher Jolma

I take many courses on LinkedIn but your course on using chatgpt for better writing was fascvinating! love your style!
Beny Rubinstein

I just finished your course and I want to say it’s great work! I am a big fan of taking courses 🙂 and what I especially liked about your course is that it is short and contains so much valuable information. Thank you so much.
Victor Podkopaev

I just took your course on LinkedIn Learning. It was super informative and useful. By the nature of my job, I am doing a lot of research and report writing, so the rationale and the examples you used were totally spot-on for me.
Aleksandar Zaric

Thanks for your course on How to research and write using Generative AI tools.
Really clear, like your style and humour. It’s well structured and easy to understand.
Philip Last

I just finished your course and I really liked how the CREATE formula makes it a lot easier to get the results I want.
Jacqueline Alves

Just finished your course. It was super helpful! I am an instructional designer who writes curriculums too. I can see how ChapGPT will be a useful tool for me.
Cheryl Fanning

I recently completed your fantastic Generative AI course, and I can’t thank you enough. Your course’s content, evident passion for the topic, and succinct, engaging delivery made for an inspiring experience.
Berg Holmgren

I have just run through your course on ChatGPT without any break. It was a great piece of information and it just opened so many possibilities for me to play with my work as a researcher. Loved it and already recommended it to everyone in my team! Great prompts!!
Justyna Burkiewicz

I’m always looking for new strategies for explaining the role and function of generative AI to clients and colleagues, and your course is truly excellent. It’s the best of the AI courses I’ve seen so far. I suspect I’ll be referencing your CREATE model quite a bit.  Thanks again for such a helpful resource!
Michael Vaughn

I really enjoy your tone, which is very engaging. Great knowledge. I really appreciate it and will certainly look at your other courses. Thanks for the material on your website. Very useful!
Ron Vaillancourt

I thought it was great and so informative and really look forward to looking into your content further! It gave me a boost to continue and see where the skill may take me.
Nori Otis

This course provides a solid foundation on why AI is not something to be scared of, but a great knowledgeable companion with plenty of useful advice (if you are patient enough to teach it your ways and get inspired). I have been mind-blown by the amount of useful tips and tricks Dave Birss has managed to squeeze into about an hour!
Arina Vizitiu

This course has been a game-changer for me, giving me a deeper understanding of how AI will play a crucial role in the localization industry. As a project manager in the localization industry, I am always seeking ways to improve efficiency and quality. The AI prompts I learned about in this course have the potential to do just that, by generating headlines, slogans, and even helping us find new solutions and ideas.
Gaia Gilardengo

Dave gives you wonderful information on writing prompts to get the information you want. As an educator, we need to figure out how this fits!  Dave does an excellent job of explaining how it is a collaboration with AI and not a replacement for what we have been doing!
Tami Echard

I just finished your AMAZING (with a capital AMAZING) LinkedIn Course “How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools.” As a copywriter, I was (am?) super-anxious about this new technology, but your tutorial calmed my nerves. I’m now excited to allow it to help me become a better writer!
Sharyn Klaiman

Just completed your course How to Research and write using Generative AI tools! Brilliant — I was immersed almost like in a thriller movie where you can’t stop watching until the end and see if your intuition was right. Great setting and composition — I learned a lot 🔥
Tommaso Maggio

Thank you Dave Birss, the course was really engaging, and the examples were both practical and fun!
Radostina Peteva

The course was exactly what I was looking for on how to optimize the usage of ChatGPT because I tested it 3 times but couldn’t get the most out of it. I loved most of the prompts. I discovered how it could help me in research not only in editing texts. I knew there was more to it than a simple gimmick. Next time I use ChatGPT I’ll definitely put your prompts philosophy into action and go deeper into a conversation to enhance the quality of the output.
Marc Halal

I recently attended your course on ChatGPT. I really loved the way you presented and I am an aspiring content creator so I would also be taking your course on conducting online workshops. 
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Aishwarya Upadhyay

As usual, Dave makes it simple and fun! You know you don’t want to miss this opportunity for a FREE introduction to the biggest thing since sliced bread (really)! Follow him for loads more useful stuff.
Saleem Khawaja

I am an aspiring social media marketer. I was scrolling on LinkedIn Learning and came across your amazing course on “HOW TO RESEARCH AND WRITE USING GENERATIVE AI TOOLS”. I started learning immediately and completed within 2 hrs. I was really impressed.
Elavarasan VK

If you are curious about AI and leveraging it in your work, this course was a great introduction and provided unique prompts to generate insightful results from ChatGPT. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Dave Birss!

Kiley Adolph

Just completed your “How to write and research using AI tools” course and it is easily the most useful course on ChatGPT.
Really excited to dig deeper and discover more.
Tanmayee Umrikar

Started watching this morning and loved the awesomeness. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge 👏 BTW had so much fun today applying what I learned this morning. 😀💖
Cris Young

I have recently completed a comprehensive training program on utilizing ChatGPT to enhance writing and research as a journalist. This course provided an extensive overview of the capabilities of artificial intelligence and specifically focused on the ways in which generative AI with ChatGPT can improve our writing and research methods. As a journalist committed to staying at the forefront of my industry, I am excited to integrate these innovative techniques into my work going forward.
Camil Bou Rouphael

I recently took your “How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools” LinkedIn Learning Course. I have had a difficult time finding a beginner course that is both insightful and interesting. I feel that you have done a great job.
Kaylah Moore

Great course! There is a lot of buzz around these type of tools and I didn’t realize how powerful they are until I saw how you prompted it to get more refined and relevant information.

Pasha Mohammed

Thank you for the amazing course! I have been using ChatGPT in my copy work for a few months now, but the course still had lots of useful information for me. Asking it to be a specific character made a tremendous difference!

Ekaterina Barannikova

🌟 Just completed this incredible course with the amazing Dave Birss! 🤖💡. For anyone looking to supercharge their research and writing capabilities, I can’t recommend this course enough! Check it out and transform the way you work with generative AI. Trust me, it’s worth it! 🔥📘

Şevket Evli

Took your course on LinkedIn Learning! Love your humor. It kept me engaged throughout 🙂


I just completed your course. Loved it!! Specifically the quality of your content and your delivery style. It really kept me engaged. Your jokes are very dry 🙂

Simon McCrostie

Writing great AI prompts isn’t easy. It’s equal parts creativity, science, and discovering how to use language to talk to a machine. That’s why I encourage you to watch Dave Birss’s wonderful new LinkedIn course on prompt engineering. You’ll learn tips, strategies and a framework to become an effective AI whisperer.

Martin Waxman

I really enjoyed your LIL Chat GPT course. You perfectly walked the line between insightful context vs actionable advice. I’m going to have my entire team take your course during a learning workshop next week.

Ben Olson

I’ve just completed your ChatGPT course here on LinkedIn. I got heaps of practical insights that I can implement, so thanks for a great course. And thanks for making the Prompt Book available too. It will be a huge help in learning how to create prompts that work well.

Gavin Lister

As a content creator, I thought I knew all there was to know about these subjects, but this course opened my eyes to the tremendous potential of AI in the creative process. What impressed me most was the hands-on nature of the course, with real-world examples and exercises that allow you to put theory into practice. I found myself immediately applying what I learned in my own work, and the results were astounding.

Homamodin Javadzade

I completed your short ChatGPT course on Linkedin earlier today – it was excellent – really clear and easy to follow and I learned a lot.

Stephen Whitelaw

It was so informative and down to earth and easy to relate to. And I loved your charisma.

Michelle Macdonald

What I enjoyed about your videos is how you explained details and nuances of creating effective prompts and working with the tool via dialogic exchanges. Your light and humous tone was also engaging and fun. The accompanying handout from your website makes a great take-away. The only thing I’d say is please do more on this!

John McCormick

Just finished your course on writing using ChatGPT. Totally gonna use it to create a ton of content. Thanks for the wonderful insights.
Rupal Bhandari

All we hear about on social media these days are GenAI and ChatGPT but finding real use cases can be tricky. I know I’ve been looking for such examples for a while. This course demystifies ChatGPT and provides comprehensive training on how to effectively use GPT prompts with practical exercises & real-world examples, a great starting point to experiment further!
Amandine Flachs

As a technical writer, the most useful prompts included providing content and collaborating with the AI to summarize the content or reformat it. With enough context, and using the C.R.E.A.T.E method, I was able to get a pretty good reference guide with properly formatted python code samples, subheadings, and a table of commands along with an example of each command, formatted in reStructuredText!
Tara the Technical Writer

I just took your course on How to Research and Write using Generative AI. Thank you so much for putting up this course. I was not using GPT3 to its full potential but now I have a better sense of how to write prompts to get better results.
Vishal Kumar

As a career technical education instructor for adult education and colleges, I believe you give me more than I expected. I am blown by the quantity of good information and detail you have provided, and for that I am grateful. I will be able to put all I have learned into practice, as well as share with my students, in a better constructive way. I also, have signed up for the Creative Bootcamp. Hoping to learn more from you. Thanks.
Marcio Dpaulla

The course is great and I truly enjoyed learning how to expand my knowledge and thinking on the use of prompts within ChatGPT. As an initial casual user of ChatCPT, the course helped me better understand how to think of prompts from a whole different perspective. I will definitely be using it from a personal and professional perspective to come up with more creative ways to think about, solve, and share ideas.
Rickie Singleton

Thank you for the great course on Chat GPT. As a beginner I can tell you that it was very clear.
Maria Solis

Well worth completing this course in order to get the most out of ChatGPT. Very informative, excellent delivery and really clear examples. Would highly recommend.
Eimer Walsh

I recently completed your LinkedIn Learning course and I must say, it was a truly transformative experience. The skills and knowledge I have gained from this course are beyond my initial expectations, and I am eager to apply them in my own work. Your C.R.E.A.T.E. framework, in particular, has been instrumental in enhancing my understanding of how to craft effective prompts and harness the power of AI tools.

Doga Sisli

I just finished your course on “How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools” and wanted to say thank you! It was extremely informative and useful.

Adarsh Prasad

Thank you Dave Birss, I really like the way you explain ChatGPT, in very unique ways and examples. Even when you did so many attempts that ChatGPT blocked you until the next day 🤣 😂

Juracy Americo

Engaging walkthrough of ChatGPT prompt engineering – if you want to have more meaningful interactions with ChatGPT resulting in more valuable outcomes then this should be on your To Do list.

Phoebe Clough

I loved the way you explained complex concepts in such a lucid language. Your expertise and experience will add a lot of value to my network.

Hrudwik Ahire

Thank you for such an amazing course I gained huge knowledge from it and looking forward to practicing it in my daily life.

Abdulsalam AlMalki

Thank you so much for creating this amazing course about how to use Chat GPT for research. Great examples, useful prompts and fantastic explanation.

Nadejda Sova

I just completed your course on “How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools.” By far it’s one of the best courses I have taken on LinkedIn.

Benjamin Nobi, Ph.D

Loved it. Simple and practical understanding. Keep it up!

Ricardo Coutinho

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to complete your course. I found it to be incredibly informative and helpful in expanding my knowledge in the field. Hope to see more courses like this!

Tariqur Rahman

Your course provided solid, concrete examples of how I might refine my prompts from a work perspective. But also offered thoughts in support of the idea that we should be helping students develop skills in prompt engineering. Taking your course was a welcome, practical take on the topic.

Dawn Carrera Berkeley

I loved your AI Collaboration course 🙂 Your prompts and CREATE framework have proved super helpful in me getting the most out of ChatGPT

Natalie de Weerd

Your LinkedIn Learning course on using Generative AI for Research and Writing was phenomenal. Fun, engaging and I learned so much. Thank you!

Alison Collop

I’ve just completed your course on utilizing ChatGPT. It was impactful to see so many use cases. I’m a motion designer working with ChatGPT to write code and expressions for Adobe AE and am exciting to use the refinement and expanding skills from your course to improve my interactions!

David Preli

The best AI course I have taken.

Fredrik Haren

It’s been a game-changer. This course has helped me tap into the power of AI and enhance my writing skills. A must-do for anyone looking to take their writing to the next level!

Jordie Wilson

A lot of valuable tips and techniques wrapped in a dynamic, well-paced format. 👌

Laura Frangi

I’m blown away by the practical insights and engaging style. Your course made complex concepts easy to understand and implement.

Alan Kirkwood

I have been using ChatGPT for brainstorming and copywriting. This course really has given me more dynamics in acquiring more specific and structured information from AI. Thanks a lot!

Kristy Hung

I’ve just completed your workshop and it was great! Though I had dabbled a little on ChatGPT, I realize now how much better my results could have been.

Tonya Maurice

Experiments in Creativity with Dave Birss