Inspirational keynote speaker on creativity and innovation

Dave Birss is a popular creativity speaker who spends his time helping individuals and organisations get to better ideas. He’s a former advertising creative director who spent 20 years of his life coming up with marketing concepts for the world’s biggest brands. Now he travels the globe explaining how to have more effective ideas.

Some of the topics he talks about include:


There are specific activities we can do that will make us better at coming up with great ideas. Top creative people do these naturally.


Creativity is not one skill. Dave reveals the creative skills we need to develop if we want to get better at having ideas and benefiting from them.


Dave has developed a creative process that he uses to solve problems of all sizes. It will make a huge difference to the ideas you end up with.


Environments and attitudes have a massive effect on people’s ability to generate ideas. Dave shows where your culture efforts are most fruitful.


Fostering a creative environment comes from the top. Dave shows how managing for creativity is different from the traditional approach.


Corporate creativity is often damaged by poor judgement. Dave shows simple ways to improve your judgement and end up with better ideas.

Dave also talks on innovation, how it should support your business strategy, how to spot opportunities, how to generate support for ideas, how to get ideas through the corporate hierarchy and how to embed innovation in your organisation more effectively.

Everything is about the power of ideas and how people and organisations can benefit from them.


Loved by audiences all over the world

Dave wants to be the best keynote speaker on creativity and innovation. So he surveyed a number of his audiences to find out what they thought. He was blown away by the responses (and found a few ways to improve even further).


Value of Dave's content

4.6 / 5

Dave's delivery

4.8 / 5

Overall impression

4.7 / 5

  • Do you want to see Dave speak again? 98.6% 98.6%

Teaching the creative skills that make a difference

Dave doesn’t just speak on creativity and innovation. He’s developed creative masterclasses and training sessions that are designed to transform attendees. They are interactive, engaging, entertaining and inspiring sessions that leave people with the ability to generate better ideas. And also give those ideas a better chance of making an impact.


Dave has spoken for businesses and events all over the world.  This is why people tend to choose him.

Great Reviews

Dave tailors each talk to his audience. He challenges them with plain truths and explains scientific principles with simplicity. Most importantly, he gives practical advice that can be put into action immediately. And he delivers it all in an engaging and entertaining manner. Which is why he consistently gets great reviews.

Thought Leader

Dave’s books have become recommended reading on several university courses. His TV show The Day Before Tomorrow has been included in an Open University curriculum. He’s been published in newspapers and magazines. And he occasionally appears on TV and radio to comment on creativity and technology.

Broad Experience

Dave has worked in a number of creative environments. As well as being Creative Director of some of London’s biggest and best ad agencies, he’s also worked as a musician, stand-up comedian, broadcaster, poet and illustrator. And he’s consulted for broadcasters, publishers, financial institutions, engineering companies and lots more.

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Author of books on creativity and innovation

Dave has written a number of books (and contributed to lots more). These look at the creative process, how to be more effective with your innovation, how to come up with better ideas, how to get better ideas out of employees and lots of other topics. A lot of what Dave talks about comes from the thinking in these books.

Often conferences and corporate events like to give attendees a copy of one of Dave’s books so that the thinking stays with them longer and has a chance to make a bigger impact.

How To Get To Great Ideas

This is Dave’s latest book that debunks creative myths, explains the role of creativity in human development, shows a practical creative process and explains how people and businesses can benefit from better ideas.

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Iconic Advantage

Dave co-wrote this book on innovation with Soon Yu. It outlines a three-step framework for using innovation to differentiate yourself in the market and build your brand. It’s packed with case studies and practical advice.

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A User Guide to the Creative Mind

This is Dave’s first book. He wrote it by accident while testing a piece of software. It has gone on to sell thousands of copies and has made it onto the recommended reading lists of the world’s top creative and advertising courses.

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Client testimonials from conferences and corporate events

"To say that the crowd loved him would be a serious understatement. To every corporate event organiser and conference program director out there - do yourself a favour, and hire Dave to speak. It will be one of the best decisions you will make - and your attendees will be thankful."

Vladimir Vulic

"As always, Dave’s presentation style is engaging, honest and really makes you sit up and listen. We’d love to work with him again."

Rachel Evans

"Dave is one of the most original speakers I've ever seen. He is always ready to adjust his presentation to fit the context. He's one of the most creative minds off and on the stage. An experienced professional and a great friend. I've never skipped a chance to book or watch him. And neither should you."

Darko Buldioski

"We've had Dave speak for us twice at major conferences. He's brilliant, thoughtful and thought-provoking. I love his ability to open my mind to new concepts and ways of thinking and our audiences have always felt the same."

Graham Ruddick

"It has been a true pleasure having Dave as our keynote. Rockstar on stage, he is brutally honest and shares amazing insights on all sides of creative advertising. We were a tough crowd to please and he got standing ovations."

Ivan Minic

See Dave talking about creativity and innovation

Dave has spoken at conferences and events all over the world. He’s worked with companies and taught at universities. He doesn’t repeat what’s in the echo-chamber. He’s an original thinker with practical advice.

Here’s a short showreel video to give you an idea of what Dave talks about and how he talks about it.

More clips of Dave Birss in action

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Dave Birss - keynote speaker on creativity & innovation
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Dave Birss
keynote speaker on creativity & innovation
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