Experiments in Creativity with Dave Birss

Experiments in Creativity

with Dave Birss

The very concept of creativity is currently evolving at a surprising rate and the only way to understand it is to run experiments. We need to work out how we collaborate with technology. We need to understand the new creative skillsets. We need to redefine what creativity means in the world of AI and algorithms.
Because the concept of the pained and struggling artist is out of date. The future of creativity involves science and logic as much as it does intuition and craft. Coding is as valid a form of creative expression as oil paints. Knowing how to collaborate with AI will soon be as important as knowing how to collaborate with humans. The only way to prepare for this new future is to run experiments.
Dave from Virtual Presenting Academy

Dave Birss

the creative experimenter

I’ve lived most of my life in the creative industries. I’ve been an advertising creative director, a musician, a standup comedian, a breakfast show host, a poet and a graffiti artist. Now I’m an author, an artist, an educator and a public speaker. But above all, I’m an experimenter.

I explore the evolving intersections of creativity and technology, learning everything I can so I can share what I find with others.

I ask the questions others aren’t thinking about. I challenge the assumptions most people simply accept. And I share the learnings others haven’t discovered yet.

Sharing the learnings

I share what I discover in different ways. Choose what works best for you.

Online courses

In-person courses

Public speaking


Some creative experiments

I’ve conducted lots of creative experiments.

I did a study to see if alcohol makes you more creative. I broke down my day-to-day habits to find out if it improved my ideas. I taught my left hand to draw. And lots more.

You can find out more about some of these experiments in my books and videos.

And you’ll find some more recent experiments in my blog:

The Lonely Planet Guide to Time-Travelling

This ChatGPT prompt is like a Lonely Planet guide for time-travellers. Tell it a destination and date and it writes you a handy travel guide.

ChatGPT helped me code a web app in 1 hour

Is ChatGPT code any good? It was perfect for me. It coded a web tool in under an hour. See my prompts and play with the tool it created.

An author gets an AI to write a book in 3 hours (and record an audiobook)

Award-winning author Dave Birss works with the ChatGPT AI to write a book and record an audiobook in 3 hours. Download for free.


Do a creative experiment on yourself

Want to see if you can make yourself more creative? Want to see if you can come up with ideas you wouldn’t normally have? Of course you do. So let’s see what this free course can do, shall we?