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Dave is also a writer, presenter and director of documentaries and comedies.

Here’s a little taste of his work.

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The Day Before Tomorrow

Dave wrote, directed and presented this series for The Drum. It was broadcast in the UK in 2014. And has continued to be popular on YouTube and on The Drum’s own site.

It’s a six-part documentary series that explores innovation in a number of industries:

  • Health 
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Smart Cities
  • Retail
  • Banking


Cliché Killers

Dave wrote, directed and appeared in this 12-part comedy web series.

These 5-minute shows were sponsored by SteinIAS – an international ad agency – and appeared on The Drum’s website.

The show explored twelve of the worst visual clichés that appear in advertising and other media.

The series has picked up a number of awards since it was first released in 2016.

You won’t find any of the clichés on this site. Hopefully.

Creative Lies

When Dave launched Open For Ideas in 2016, he created some super-short, myth-debunking videos for the site.

He did everything for each film – writing, illustration, animation and voice-over.

He even makes guest appearances as a character in some of the episodes.


Secret Spaces

In 2014 Dave partnered with Visualise to create the world’s first 360° history show. He wrote and presented the show, looking like a weirdo talking to a ball on the end of a stick in the middle of London.

It gives the viewer access to parts of St Paul’s Cathedral that are normally closed to the public. 

It’s available to watch in headsets, on mobile devices or by using your cursor to navigate the scene in your web browser.