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Online and in-person training on creativity, innovation and presentation skills

If a business wants a disproportionate share of success, it needs to differentiate itself in the market. That requires innovation. Which in turn requires ideas. And the quality of those ideas is defined by the creative thinking of the team.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve been helping businesses and individuals improve their creative skills and set the right conditions for innovation.

Presentation skills are a vital part of the process. Because if you don’t communicate your ideas properly, they’re unlikely to make it through the system intact.

I’ve created in-person and online training courses to help organisations and individuals get to ideas that can lead to more success. 

In-person training for your team

The real benefit of live training is that it can be tailored to your exact needs and desired outcome.

So let’s have a chat about what you want to achieve and we can work out the best way to do that.

I deliver training and workshops on creative techniques, staying inspired, managing creative teams, writing briefs, judgement, presenting creative work, selling ideas and lots of other topics.

Online training courses

To make it simpler for individuals to learn, I’ve created a number of online training course that you can take in your own time. Some of these are on my own site and others are on LinkedIn Learning.

Some of these courses are free, so there’s really no reason not to sign up.

Creative Bootcamp free course by Dave Birss

This short course gives you five short lessons and exercises that have the power to transform your relationship with creativity. You’ll look at how comfortable you are with new ideas, the creative skills you need to work on, the right people to collaborate with and the habit you need to build.

Virtual Presenting Academy with Dave Birss

This is an 8-week program for people who seriously want to take their remote presentations to the very top. The course shows you multiple approaches using different pieces of software. Best of all, you get time with me on the weekly coaching calls so you can get all your questions answered.

Virtual Presenting Academy with Dave Birss

This is a super-quick course that’s designed to transform your remote presentations in just a couple of hours. You don’t just get all the knowledge you need to create visually impactful presentations, you also get a heap of downloads, including 10 beautifully designed PowerPoint and Keynote templates.

How to have fresh ideas create for Ukraine with Dave Birss

This succinct course gives you six techniques that will help you have ideas you would not normally have. Some of these techniques come with free tools you can use to freshen up your thinking whenever you feel like it. Or to use in brainstorms or workshops. And all proceeds help Ukrainians in need.


Most people in business make an effort when they’re having a face-to-face client meeting. Yet when it comes to Zoom or Teams, a “that’ll do” attitude takes over. This short and FREE course shows you how to sound and look professional on webcam. And how to come across in a more engaging way.

Virtual Presenting Academy with Dave Birss

OBS is an amazing, super-powerful piece of software that is – wait for it – absolutely free. But it’s got quite a steep learning curve. This course makes it simple and gives you a download that allows you to get started immediately. This download sets up OBS with a heap of functionality that will have you knocking people’s socks off.

Creative Bootcamp FREE course with Dave Birss

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Linkedin Learning courses

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Dave Birss courses on LinkedIn Learning
Dave Birss courses on LinkedIn Learning
Dave Birss courses on LinkedIn Learning
Dave Birss courses on LinkedIn Learning
Dave Birss courses on LinkedIn Learning
Dave Birss courses on LinkedIn Learning
Dave Birss client logos
Dave Birss client logos

About your trainer

Dave Birss is the founder of Virtual Presenting Academy. He’s also an author, educator, public speaker, and consultant.

When lockdown happened, he lost all of his bookings in 10 days. And with a lot more time on his hands, he threw himself into working out how to do the best possible remote presentations and workshops.

Within a few weeks, LinkedIn Learning asked him to do a course on running virtual workshops (check it out if you haven’t already). And he started to get lots of bookings for virtual talks.

His engaging use of technology led to lots of other presenters asking for his help. Teaching is by far the best way to learn. So this was like going back to university and doing a master’s in virtual presenting.

He took his learnings and turned them into an in-depth learning resource at Virtual Presenting Academy. Now he’s turning the learnings into much faster courses that transform presentations in record time.

He’s been sharing his learnings with some of the best brands in the world. Including Apple, EA Games, the BBC, Sky Television, HSBC, Twinings, Nestlé, Experian, and Hilton.

So you’re in good company.

Dave Birss searching for himself