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Thank you so much for taking one of my LinkedIn courses. I hope you found it beneficial. I’d love to hear your feedback on it. Please tell me what you found helpful and how it could be improved.

A thank you for your time

As a thank you for taking one of my courses, I’m giving you access to some documents and tools that might be helpful. I’ll be adding to these occasionally, so it may be a good idea to bookmark this page and come back from time to time. Scroll down for the good stuff.

I’d love to help you further. I run training for companies all over the world, so please drop me a line if you think your organisation would benefit from a better understanding of how to reach better ideas.

And you may want to pick up a copy of my last book, How To Get To Great Ideas. It’s got lots more useful exercises and techniques that will help you think more effectively. 

Tools and Resources

Here are a bunch of documents and tools to help you think more effectively at the right time. I use some of these when I’m teaching and consulting.

If you’re unclear on how to use any of them, drop me a line.

Defining Creativity

It’s good to start off by understanding how original you want to be and the criteria you’ll use to measure the ideas.

Component Parts

You want to understand all the things that contribute to the problem. If you’re not aware of something, you can’t fix it.

Project Kick-Off

You need to know what your problem is and what you’re trying to achieve. This document helps you do that.

Five Whys

This is the classic technique from Toyota that aims to get to the very core of a problem. It’s well worth doing.

Necessary Skills

If you understand the skills your project will require, it’ll help you choose the right people for your team.

Project Team

Once you know the skills you’ll need, this will help you pick the right people and understand when to involve them.

Necessary Resources

Having the right team is just the start. This document will help you make sure you’ve got everything else.

Right Collaborators

If you’re mainly doing a project by yourself, this will help you understand what to learn and what to delegate.

Cartoon Brief

This will help you think more visually about the problem, giving you a different approach and prompting new ideas.

Protect Your Idea

It’s easy for ideas to be amended to death. This will help you hold onto the magic and keep your idea’s power.

Industry Switcheroo

This tool helps you find industry advantages by looking beyond what your competitors are doing.


This tool will help you break out of your mental limitations and think like someone else for a short while.

Inspiration Engine

I’ve compiled over 200 learnings from great products, marketing and businesses. Learn from good stuff.

This 'n' That

Use this is a warm-up tool. Or a regular exercise for your creative muscle. Simply combine items for new ideas.

Online Storydice

Give your storytelling muscles a workout. And maybe entertain some kids at the same time.

Writing prompts

If you want some new writing ideas – or help with marketing concepts – this tool can help you come up with them

Inkblot Inspiration

Tap into your inner psyche to get some inspiration for new ideas. Or find out if you’re a psychopath. Your choice.

Drawing prompts

Exercise your visual imagination by completing some images based on paintings by old masters.

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