Managing teams for better ideas

A one-day course that improves the quality and quantity of ideas you’ll get out of teams.

During my 20+ years in advertising, I worked for some truly amazing creative leaders. And some truly dreadful ones. And I took notes in preparation for when I’d end up leading a creative department.

When I eventually found myself working as a creative director, these lessons came in handy. But I discovered so many more things I needed to learn. Because directing other people’s creative thinking involves very different skills to developing your own.

This session shares a framework for directing thinking, looks at how to create the right conditions for creative thinking and explains how to judge ideas more effectively.

Managing teams for better ideas

A one-day immersive training session that shows you how to create the conditions that lead to better ideas from groups of people.


Getting the best ideas out of a team isn’t just about the ability of the individuals. It’s about the conditions you create and the process you follow. Ultimately, it comes down to the abilities of the team leader. This most definitely isn’t a session on how to brainstorm. Brainstorms have been proven to be ineffective. What you’ll learn will greatly increase your chance of getting great ideas. This session looks at how to use a proven process to improve a team’s chance of getting to great solutions. We’ll cover how to curate the right people, how to focus their thinking, how to inspire them to think broadly and how to judge the ideas at the end. The day includes plenty of practical, hands-on sessions and shares a number of tools that you can immediately apply to your job. And there’s lots of time for discussion to make sure you understand how to use the knowledge in the best way within your organisation.

What You'll Learn

  • How to curate the right team
  • How to create the right conditions for creative thinking
  • How to keep the team on track
  • How to inspire people to come up with a broader range of ideas
  • How to judge the ideas most effectively
  • How to prototype and test the best ideas

How you'll benefit

  • Practical approaches that you can implement immediately
  • Better ideas from your teams
  • More engaged and focused team-members
  • A better understanding of how to judge ideas
  • Stronger leadership skills
  • A copy of ‘How To Get To Great Ideas’ for everyone

This workshop is designed for up to 12 attendees. That’s the best size for maximum benefits.


If you’re serious about this opportunity, I can help you beyond the training course. Here are more ways I can make an impact on your business.


I can work on a longer-term basis with agencies that are committed to elevating their creative skills. I advise on every aspect of the business that has an impact on people’s ability to have great ideas.


I often get called upon to help companies run idea-generation sessions when they’re working on important projects or pitches. I’ve done this for PR and ad agencies. We always get a batch of good ideas.



I have a number of other training sessions that can help your business.  I teach strategy, presentation skills and how to manage teams for great ideas. Some agencies also ask me to train their clients.



I have a number of talks that demystify creativity and innovation. As well as being entertaining and informative, they always leave audiences with practical takeaways they can apply to their day job.

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Each of these sessions is run by author and educator Dave Birss. Dave is a former advertising creative director who picked up lots of awards for his work during his years in the industry. Over the last few years, he’s been called on by a number of PR and advertising agencies – from independents to multinationals – to help them get more impactful ideas out of their teams.

Dave’s best known for teaching, speaking and writing books on creativity and innovation. But he also consults for companies to help them benefit from creative thinking..

Dave is a Visiting Professor at Kingston School of Art and has taught at universities from London to New York, Santiago to Singapore. He’s also developed a couple of courses for LinkedIn Learning. And he has another four in development which are due for release later in the year.

“I don’t know anyone who’d be better at this than Dave. We’ve worked with him for years and love the way he helps people get to better ideas.”

Reuben Webb, Stein IAS

"The feedback so far has been great and people are still talking about how great the sessions were."

Jose Franca, Edelman

“A positive force in any organisation and someone I would highly recommend. He was also great fun to work with."

Stuart Leach, Barrister

“Dave knows what good ideas are. And how to get to them. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll benefit from working with him. We certainly have."

Rob Morrice, Stein IAS

"Listen to Dave. He's usually right. He's also the second nicest person after your mum you'll ever meet."

Piggy Lines, Carnage Films

"The work he's done has been outstanding and he's able to communicate with clients and peers in an approachable and friendly way. I certainly hope to work more with him in the future."

Jason DaPonte, ex-BBC

"Dave is Premier League. If you get a chance to work with him, grab it and learn."

David Russell, Blue Latitude Health