Remote workshops for ideas, strategy and decision-making

Bespoke workshops delivered online

Just because your team is scattered across different locations doesn’t mean you can’t run a workshop with them. With proper planning, structure and facilitation, you can get as good thinking out of a remote team as you can from a localised one.

These workshops have been created to get the very best out of attendees and give them the best opportunity to contribute and share their perspectives.

To create the best conditions for collaboration, we’ll use a mix of technology and lots and lots of humanity. The human part is the most important element. Everything else is just logistics.

I’ll work closely with you to plan the sessions and develop the workshop exercises. We’ll agree on the outputs and how to judge them.

The results will be just as good as you’d get if everyone was in the same room.

Whatever you need a workshop for

Idea generation



Decision making

Anything else

Because each workshop is created bespoke, it means we’re not restricted in the kind of workshops we can run.

Just let us know what you want to achieve and I’ll do my best to create something to get the output you want.


Getting the technology in place

I prefer to use Zoom and Google Docs as my main technology to deliver the workshops.

However, your organisation may have its own preferred technology. That’s fine. It may take a little more time for preparation and may cause some changes to how the session is run but I’ll do my best to fit in.

How I'll work with you

Here’s a quick outline of the process:

Define the output

We’ll agree on what a successful output would be and how we’ll judge the success of our workshop. The clearer we are here, the easier it will be to create the right workshop exercises.

Prepare the workshop

We’ll curate the right attendees based on the knowledge and skills we’ll need. I’ll contact all the attendees in advance to prepare them and make sure they have the right technology in place.

Deliver the workshop

I’ll start by setting the tone and the rules. I’ll then facilitate the session, breaking the larger group into smaller working groups, if need be. Attendees will collaborate on shared documents.

Deliver the output

The sessions we do during the workshop will be designed to supply us with the bones of the output. I’ll help you refine this raw material to get the thinking into the format that’s most useful to you.

The Benefits of remote workshops

  • We don’t need to stop business for inconvenient pandemics
  • You can engage with the right people, wherever they’re based
  • The sessions are designed to produce the agreed outputs
  • We can see how things are progressing in real-time
  • It’s so much easier to get everyone’s diaries aligned
  • You don’t need to book meeting rooms or find venues
  • You don’t have to worry about dietary requirements and food
  • You’ll reduce the team’s carbon footprint
  • I can work with you wherever you are in the world

Who runs the activity?

The workshops are planned and run by Dave Birss (which shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve looked at this page’s web address.)

Dave is a former advertising creative director who picked up lots of awards for his work during his years in the industry. For the last ten years, he’s been teaching, speaking and writing books on creativity and innovation. As well as consulting for companies to help them get better ideas out of their teams.

Dave has taught at universities all over the world, from London to New York, Santiago to Singapore. He’s also created a couple of popular courses on LinkedIn Learning. And is currently working on another four courses that will be available later in the year.

As someone who has run countless workshops and is pretty handy with technology, these remote workshops are a natural step for him.

Dave Birss client logos
Dave Birss client logos

“I don’t know anyone who’d be better at this than Dave. We’ve worked with him for years and love the way he helps people get to better ideas.”

Reuben Webb, Stein IAS

“A positive force in any organisation and someone I would highly recommend. He was also great fun to work with."

Stuart Leach, Barrister

“Dave knows what good ideas are. And how to get to them. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll benefit from working with him. We certainly have."

Rob Morrice, Stein IAS

"Listen to Dave. He's usually right. He's also the second nicest person after your mum you'll ever meet."

Piggy Lines, Carnage Films

"The work he's done has been outstanding and he's able to communicate with clients and peers in an approachable and friendly way. I certainly hope to work more with him in the future."

Jason DaPonte, ex-BBC

"Dave is Premier League. If you get a chance to work with him, grab it and learn..."

David Russell, Blue Latitude Health