Some ideas from Dave Birss

How to sell ideas

Contrary to what some people say, a great idea doesn’t actually sell itself. This video looks at how to sell your ideas more effectively.

Thinking beats doing

The misunderstandings that surround the topics of creativity and innovation are stopping people from thinking as effectively as they could. And that’s really bad news for business and humanity…

Getting your magic back

Many years ago my career was nearly destroyed by a colleague. I was working as a copywriter in an advertising agency and had just teamed up with a new art director…

Bucking the trend is a trend

The worlds of design and advertising are populated by two kinds of people: those who’ve been in a D&AD annual and those who haven’t. So I was massively flattered when D&AD asked me to help write a trends report a few months ago.

I’ve set a new Track Record

I was privileged to be invited on to the Track Record radio show a few weeks ago. We spoke about my ridiculous career (if you could call it that) and played some of my favourite tunes. You can get an earful right here.

Get Iconic Advantage before anyone else

The last year and half have been a pretty intense journey for Soon Yu and myself. Even although we’re on opposite sides of the Atlantic, we managed to write a book together. And it’s nearly ready to hit the shops.

The Conscious Leadership Podcast

Just before Christmas, the Conscious Leadership Podcast released a little chit chat with me. We talked about how best to get ideas out of teams of people. In short, it involves not being an a**hole and enabling instead of instructing.

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