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    What does the new world
    of experiences look like?
    (Seriously, we want your ideas)

Welcome to The Drum Labs

We're so excited to tell you about The Drum Labs. It's our new flexible home in one of the coolest parts of London. And even although nobody's quite ready to hang out shoulder-to-shoulder, we don't think there's a better time to launch our new physical space.
To celebrate, we're running a competition to win your very own experience in our hip new house. If you come up with the winning idea, we'll help you make it happen. It could be an exhibition, a live event, a digital experience or something else.
Let us give you some inspiration by telling you more about what else you'll find inside The Drum Labs.

The future of retail

Our founding partner, SharpEnd have teamed up with Capgemini and will be showcasing some cutting-edge technology under their CornerShop brand. They’re taking over the café and retail space to explore the shopping experience of the future.
You’ll gain insights into a retail environment that responds to your preferences. If you're a veggie, you won't see any meat on the shelves. If you have a 30" waist (lucky you) you won't see trousers that aren't available in your size.
And you'll be able to have your hot and cold drinks served precisely the way you want, thanks to the latest tech.
This is where you can experience the high street of the future without having to spend years travelling there in real time.

The innovation showroom and bar of the future

Just look at these spaces. We can't wait to pack them full of people, once the age of the mask is behind us. But that doesn't mean they can't be used right now. We're all set for socially distanced shenanigans.
They'll make amazing exhibition spaces. Imagine your work up on those walls with the glitterati quaffing champagne and nibbling on canapés served from our very own bar. All in the hippest area of London. Super cool.
They're also ideal for live events. You can take the stage and have all eyes on you and your message. Or your dance moves. Whatever you want to do in these spaces is your call.
You may even have ideas on how to use them for digital events. That's all good. And we want to hear about it.

The streaming studio

We're building a multi-camera streaming studio where you can do your own live internet shows or deliver a TV-quality client presentation.
Remote meetings aren't going to be eradicated by a miracle vaccine. They're part of the new world of work. So we're here to give you an advantage in that space.

Words from our founders

  • "In times of chaos or transition it’s an opportunity to try new things."

    - Cameron Worth, CEO SharpEnd and Founding Partner of The Drum Labs -
  • "The future isn't something we travel into, it's something we create. And we're excited to be opening a space for that to happen"

    - Gordon Young, Editor in Chief of The Drum -

So what do you want to do?

We've got big plans for the space. But we want to hear what you'd like to do with it. If you come up with the winning idea, we'll contribute up to £5,000 to make it happen. We'll also promote the heck out of it on all our channels and cover it in the magazine.
We'll be judging your idea on how original it is, how well it uses the space and how it fits in with the futuristic vision we have for the space.
You've got until 2nd December to send us your entry. And we'll be announcing the results the following day on 3rd December. Your entry should be no longer than one sheet of A4 that explains your idea, what's so good about it and maybe shows an image or two to whet our appetites. A short video is also welcome, if you think it helps.
If you want to get a better idea of the space, we'd love to give you a tour. We can do that in-person (all masked-up, of course) or virtually, if you prefer.
Just drop us a line by putting your details into the form below.
Best of luck. And we can't wait to see what you come up with.

Book a guided tour

We'd love to tell you more about The Drum Labs and - even better - show you around the space. We can do that in a socially distanced way or a virtually distanced way. The choice is yours.

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Where to find us

The Drum Labs, 25-27 Curtain Rd, Hackney, London EC2A 3LT