Transform your remote presentations in super-quick time with Virtual Presenting Fast Track

Want to knock it out of the park? Got a couple of hours? Perfect! Let’s go.

When everything moved online during lockdown, most people just took their face-to-face presentations and delivered them in Zoom. They knew deep down that it wasn’t very good. But things were going to go back to normal at some point, right? So why stress about it?

But now that things have settled down to that “new normal” people were harping on about, those virtual meetings haven’t disappeared. And for many, they’ve increased. Yet they’re still delivering substandard digital presentations.

It would be great to improve things. But it’s hard to know where to start. What equipment should you use? What software? And how do you create an online presentation that really engages people?

Maybe this rings a bell for you.

This is why I’ve created Virtual Presenting Fast Track. It’s all about transforming your presentations in express time.

No more crappy screen shares. No more having a webcam pointed up your nose. No more sounding like you’re talking in a toilet cubicle.

Instead, you’ll look like a professional for just a small amount of effort.  

The course includes:

  • 6 lessons that tell you exactly what you need to know succinctly and entertainingly
  • Lesson summaries to help you recap in super-fast time
  • Downloads so you can try out the approach right away
  • 10 beautifully designed templates to help you create your own presentations
  • Files and lessons for both PC and Mac users
  • Links to tried and tested equipment so you don’t need to waste your time and money on bad technology
  • Bonus lessons to help you level up your virtual presentations further

All this for just

The technology you’ll need

To get started, you just need a computer with a built-in webcam. And the free version of a piece of software called mmhmm. I’ll be recommending that you upgrade your setup. And I’ll be giving you links to tried and tested equipment so you don’t waste money on terrible tech (like I’ve done in the past).

    SIGN UP NOW and you can be blowing people’s minds in a couple of hours

    What students have to say about virtual presenting fast track

    Before I launched this course, I asked some professional presenters to try it out.
    They helped me find the flaws and suggested improvements.
    This is how they rated it before I made the improvements.

    How would you rate the lessons?

    ratings for virtual presenting fast track

    How would you rate the teacher?

    ratings for virtual presenting fast track

    How would you rate the downloads?

    ratings for virtual presenting fast track
    In their own words

    Dhiraj, founder of Shazam and keynote speaker

    Tiffany – consultant, educator and former government adviser

    Nina – facilitator, speaker, author and creativity consultant

    Niels – founder of grow human

    Arline – founder of Arline Davis Institute

    Matija – sales engineer

    Stephen – cloud solutions strategist

    Nina – head of software development

    Cormack – chief of staff

    What will you have to say about it?

    “Comprehensive, detailed, and actionable.”
    “I loved how Dave made everything so simple.”
    “The course is beautifully laid out and very easy to navigate. The lessons are logical, easy to follow and I felt that Dave takes you by the hand and guides you every step of the way.”
    “I discovered some nice new tools to make my online presentations more engaging.”

    About your trainer

    Dave Birss is the founder of Virtual Presenting Academy. He’s also an author, educator, public speaker, and consultant.

    When lockdown happened, he lost all of his bookings in 10 days. And with a lot more time on his hands, he threw himself into working out how to do the best possible remote presentations and workshops.

    Within a few weeks, LinkedIn Learning asked him to do a course on running virtual workshops (check it out if you haven’t already). And he started to get lots of bookings for virtual talks.

    His engaging use of technology led to lots of other presenters asking for his help. Teaching is by far the best way to learn. So this was like going back to university and doing a master’s in virtual presenting.

    He took his learnings and turned them into an in-depth learning resource at Virtual Presenting Academy. Now he’s turning the learnings into much faster courses that transform presentations in record time.

    He’s been sharing his learnings with some of the best brands in the world. Including Apple, EA Games, the BBC, Sky Television, HSBC, Twinings, Nestlé, Experian, and Hilton.

    So you’re in good company.

    Dave Birss searching for himself

    What other students say

    Dave has a wealth of experience in presenting and this course taps into that vast knowledge. There are important technical considerations to a successful virtual presentation, but it’s just as important to think about what you are presenting, and this course helps with that, too.

    Nathan McDonald

    Founder @ We Are Social

    This class is inspiring and practical. I recommend it to anyone looking to deliver more engaging and meaningful virtual presentations!

    Christine Zimmerman

    LearningWorks, LLC

    Dave has a wonderful talent for delivering sessions remotely and keeping them fun, relevant and inclusive. I would unreservedly recommend Dave as a trainer.

    Andy Oakes

    Founder @ Bluestripe Group

    This course has reinvigorated me about work – it taught me the amazing possibilities that the virtual world offers (as opposed to all the downsides people endlessly list). Dave is an exceptional teacher. 5 star learning!

    Vicky Jenkins

    Clarus Consulting

    Prior to this course, I’d written video off. It wasn’t for me. However now, following Dave’s expert help, I’m eager to put my face and my thoughts out there. Make no mistake, this is super high quality training. But what really sets it apart, is how accessible Dave makes it.

    Matt Desmier

    Wise Old Uncle

    Sign up to this course or you’ll regret it! The amount of creative, useful and practical tips Dave lists in the course, is invaluable!

    Natalia Talkowska

    Founder @ Natalka Design

    I can think of no better person to learn virtual presenting from. He doesn’t just show you the tech (which he has absolutely mastered) – he shows you how to keep an audience’s attention and how to get your message into their minds more effectively.

    Marc Lewis

    Dean @ School of Communication Arts

    Dave is a naturally gifted teacher. He is supportive, encourages the best out of people, and is generous in sharing his knowledge. 

    Stephen Jenkins

    Too Many Dreams

    It’s not everyone who can engage, challenge, amuse, and educate. Highly recommended for businesses that need to put the Boom in their Zoom.​

    Katherine Wildman

    Haydn Grey