Webtools by Dave Birss and AI

I regularly create web tools for my talks and workshops. And thanks to AI, I can now create more complex web tools in less time.

Here’s a selection of tools I’ve created with the help of ChatGPT. Please feel free to use them however you like. 

I’ll shortly be releasing a course showing you how to create your own web tools and upload them to the internet. If you’re interested in that, click the button to give me your details so I can let you know when the course goes live.

Bot or Not - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

BOT OR NOT Voting tool

I use this to get my audiences to vote on whether a piece of content was created by a human or an AI. They select ‘human’ or ‘bot’ and hold their phones in the air for me to see.

ChatGPT coded this for me in about 15 minutes.

Emotional Roulette - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

Emotional Roulette

I’ve used this tool in innovation workshops to encourage people to empathise with their audience. We’ve used it in role-playing, in UX planning and to help us get more out of personas.

I used my iPhone to code this with ChatGPT. Yes, my phone!

Innovation Station - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

Innovation Station

A popular way to describe new ideas is to say something like “it’s the Tesla of Insurance” or “the Apple of Underwear”.

I used ChatGPT to list the top companies and industries to build a tool that inspires new business ideas.

Yes or No - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

Yes or No easy VOting tool

This is my most used voting tool when I give a talk. Tap the screen to switch between yes and no. Super easy!

I built this in minutes with ChatGPT on my iPhone. It’s a redo of a version I built myself years ago.

1 to 10 - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

1 to 10 easy rating tool

This is another way to guage the feelings or opinions of a group. The user simply slides their finger across the screen to rate from 1 to 10.

Made on an iPhone with ChatGPT faster than I was expecting.

Word Chain - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

Word Chain language game

My daughter likes to play this game from time to time, so I made a version to play in a browser.

I created it with ChatGPT. It was more involved than I was expecting. But I got there eventually.

Drone-a-phone - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

Drone-a-phone Musical Toy

Many years ago when I worked as a musician, I loved playing with drones. These are unchanging notes that last your entire piece. You’ll find them in Indian Classical Music and Bagpipes.

I created this on an iPad with ChatGPT.

Spookiphone - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

Spookiphone Musical Toy

One of the many instruments I used to play for bands was the Theramin. It’s the sound of 1950s sci-fi films.

I got ChatGPT to code me a Theramin that you can play in your browser so you can enjoy the fun tooOOOoooo!

Hypnotic Tunnel - a webtool by Dave Birss and AI

Hypnotic Tunnel

I wanted to see what was possible with animated backgrounds so I created this ridiculous webpage to hypnotise people into taking my LinkedIn Learning courses.

Built on an iPad with ChatGPT.