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Let’s talk about how your business can benefit from AI

If you’re a business leader looking to take advantage of AI in your teams, I want to have a call with you:
  • To help you define an AI strategy
  • To understand how your teams can benefit from AI
  • To understand how to mitagate the risks
  • To plan actions

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The Prompt Guide booklet from Dave Birss

I’ve collected all the SEO prompts from the course and put them into this easy-to-use spreadsheet. So now you just need to copy and paste the text into ChatGPT and you’re off to the races!

NOTE: Please don’t ask me to share the document. Just go to ‘File’ and ‘Make a copy’ to your own Google Drive or ‘Download’ it as an Excel file.

Creative Bootcamp free course by Dave Birss

BONUS #1: a free course to boost your creativity

This quick course gives you five lessons and exercises that have the power to transform your relationship with creativity. We’ll look at how comfortable you are with new ideas, the creative skills you need to work on, the best collabarators and the habits you need to build.

Just check out the reviews it’s received on the information page. And then remind yourself that it’s free. There’s no reason not to sign up!

Creative Tools from Dave Birss

BONUS #2: a stack of free tools

I regularly create tools to help people come up with ideas they wouldn’t normally have and give their brain a workout. The tools attract thousands of visitors a day, so they must be pretty good.

Check them out and bookmark the page. Because I update them on a regular basis.

Links to your AI assistants

If you don’t already have access to ChatGPT or Microsoft’s Bing AI, here are the links you need. You access ChatGPT through your browser and it just takes a couple of minutes to sign up. To get access to Bing AI, you need to download the Microsoft Edge browser. It’s all pretty easy.

Just click on the buttons below to get started.



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