Dave Birss works with businesses to help them benefit from fresh thinking.

Studies show that more than 70% of senior executives believe innovation will be a key driver of business growth. Yet 94% of managers are dissasitisfied with their company’s innovation performance.

Dave helps companies understand how to generate more valuable ideas, get them approved by the right people and take them to market. And he can do that in a few ways.

RIGHT Thinking leads to the right ideas

Dave started up RIGHT Thinking in 2017 to give businesses a better way to get to better ideas.

From experience, most companies believe brainstorming is the best way to generate ideas. Sadly, it’s not. In the 75 years that brainstorming has been around, it’s been repeatedly debunked by academia.

Dave took his experience of managing creativity, tons of academic study and years of experimentation to create the RIGHT Thinking system that gets you from ‘I want a great idea’ to ‘I have a great idea’ more effectively.

Advice when you need it

Most people call it ‘consulting’. But that term has such bad connotations we’d rather avoid it. Dave works closely with companies to help them understand how to encourage better thinking and make the best ideas happen.

He’s done this across several industries, including publishing, finance, FMCG, broadcasting, education and manufacturing.

Projects have ranged from creating education programmes through to product development and marketing ideas.

He can work on any problem in any industry because his approach is to get the right information out of you. And to help you to turn that information into ideas.

available for Non-Exec positions

Dave has a few days available each month for Non-Exec Director roles.

If you’re interested in getting ongoing help with innovation or problem-solving in your business, get in touch.

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