A handy guide for brilliant thinking

The myths, misunderstandings, and magical woo-woo associated with “creativity” make it an all but useless term. But coming up with original and valuable ideas is a tangible skill anyone can master.

How To Get To GREAT IDEAS debunks the misinformation and will arm you with a smart system for generating both simple and game-changing ideas. Lively and enlightening, it reveals the habits that will make you a great thinker, helps you get to the root of a problem, and demonstrates how to push your innovative thinking.

Drawing on extensive research, it explains why some people come up with more interesting ideas than others. More importantly, it shows you how you can get better at having great ideas more often.


Iconic Advantage, co-authored by Soon Yu and Dave Birss became an Amazon bestseller before it was even released. And has gone on to get great reviews. It shows you how to use innovation as part of your growth strategy (rather than just as a glamorous, high-risk gamble).

It’s full of examples, practical advice and insightful stories. Pick up a copy and see why people like it so much.


Dave wrote A User Guide To The Creative Mind in 2012 by mistake. He was only testing software and ended up with a book. It’s gone on to become recommended reading on the world’s best advertising courses. The second edition of the book will be released in 2019. And the first language it will be published in is Macedonian. Get the original version before it disappears from the shelves!


Over the last few years, Dave has written a lot of articles for newspapers, magazines and websites. And that writing has helped to crystallise his thinking. This book contains 15 of his favourite articles from the last couple of years. Some are written for individuals who want better ideas and others are written for businesses. This book as currently only available in Macedonian. It may be released in English one day. Maybe. 


Dave wrote the chapter “Creative Talent Means Nothing if Your Boss is a Moron” and contributed to other sections.

Some of the book’s content comes from a series of lectures Dave did at Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Dave contributed quotes and thinking on corporate creativity to this great German handbook on innovation.

Dave is one of the founders of the Fast Forward Forum. So he contributed to the book that came from the first event in October 2018.

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