Internationally renowned creativity and innovation thinker

Dave Birss is a popular and entertaining speaker on creativity and innovation. He’s obsessed with how we come up with ideas and this fascination finds its way into almost everything he does. He looks at the creative process, corporate innovation, group creativity, leadership, inspiration, culture and everything that helps individuals and organisations have better ideas. He’s also an in-demand educator. He’s Visiting Professor at Kingston School of Art and you can find his courses on LinkedIn Learning.

Training for employees in isolation

I’ve created a number of training sessions and workshops for employees working remotely during the COVID-19 quarantine. These are designed to help businesses adapt to the situation and come out of it stronger. And to help employees improve their abilities to come up with ideas as part of their jobs.

I'm accredited as a Trusted Virtual Trainer

Want to know if I'm any good at remote training? Well, Course Conductor think so. They're a global independent accreditation body for training professionals. And their accreditations are based entirely on verified customer feedback and independent training evaluations. So I'm pretty chuffed to have these badges!

A popular speaker on creativity for conferences and corporate events

Over the last few years, Dave has become a highly respected speaker for conferences and businesses. He’s well known for debunking the myths and misunderstandings that surround creativity and innovation. And for showing more effective ways of getting to more effective ideas.

His talks are inspiring, interactive, entertaining and highly practical. He always leaves his audiences with useful tips and take-aways that they can apply right away.

Because Dave wants to be the best keynote speaker on creativity and innovation, he conducted a survey to find out what his audiences thought of him. He received a score of 4.8/5 for his delivery and 98.6% of people said they wanted to hear him speak again.

A practical creative process

Dave has developed a simple process that can be used to solve any problem. It uses the mnemonic RIGHT, which stands for Research, Insight, Generate, Hone and Test. He trains organisations on how to use this to get better ideas from their workforce. And he covers it in many of his innovation and creativity talks.

Dave is trusted by big businesses

During Dave’s career in advertising, he came up with ideas for many of the world’s biggest brands. Now he speaks to them about creativity and shows them how to come up with better ideas themselves.

He’s worked with the BBC, Sky Television, ESI Media, D&AD, The IPA, The Drum, Nestlé, Experian, Hilton, Movember, HSBC, Bilfinger, Hodder & Stoughton, Bauer, Communicorp, TJX Group and lots more.

‘How To Get To Great Ideas’ is getting great reviews:
“This book is probably the best creativity manual in the world.”
“If you’re looking for a range of insights into the art & practice of creative thinking, then ‘How to Get to Great Ideas: A System for Smart, Extraordinary Thinking’ by Dave Birss is what you should read.”
“There are a lot of books written about creativity, with most (if not all) of them focused on the wrong things. Dave Birss hasn’t fallen down the same rabbit hole. “
“The best book I’ve read in some time”
“A great read that gives a unique and honest perspective of creativity and how to get the best out of you. A useful tool that I would recommend everyone read, regardless of what field you work in.”
“It’s well-written, informative and, despite my initial worries, about the most motivating book I’ve read in quite some time. I can thoroughly recommend it.”
“I’ve seen Dave Birss talk about creativity and the creative process at several conferences. I was hoping his book would be as stimulating, and thankfully it is. And then some.”
“If you want to have great ideas you need this book. Dave Birss’s books are one of the reasons I can still put supper on the table by having ideas.”
“An absolutely INCREDIBLE book that’s going to help and inspire so many people.”
“I highly recommend this to individuals and organisations that are wanting to learn more about developing new ideas and implementing those ideas on their journey of growth through business and life.”
How Dave helps businesses get more from creative thinking


Dave’s a highly-rated and entertaining speaker on creativity. He travels the world speaking at conferences and events. Sometimes with the aid of his guitar. And he always leaves people with practical advice they can apply immediately.


In 2018 alone, Dave either wrote or contributed to seven books. Most have gone on to become best-sellers. And there are more in the pipeline right now. Make room on your bookshelf because Dave’s got plenty more to say.


Dave’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, industry bodies and even governments. He helps them understand how to get to better ideas and how that’s good for business. Maybe he can help you get more from creativity too.

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