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Dave Birss – The Sensible AI Guy

Helping organisations get the most value from Gen AI

The world of generative AI has produced so much noise since it stormed onto the scene. On one hand you have myopic evangelists using far too many adjectives and not enough common sense. And on the other you have the apocalyptic naysayers telling you that this is the beginning of the end of the world.

I believe in a third way, where we approach the technology pragmatically and practically.

I share my approach in my LinkedIn Learning courses (the most popular on the platform). And I work with companies all over the world to help them implement AI into their activities in the most valuable way.

I’ll shortly be launching the Sensible AI Manifesto to help businesses of all sizes navigate the risks and benefits of AI.

My unique approach comes from years of working in the fields of creativity and innovation (including a decade creating digital products). I used my understanding of neuroscience, psychology, behavioural economics and business processes to create an approach that merges the best of humans with the best of AI.

Because the future isn’t either/or – it’s both.


Dave Birss client logos
Dave Birss client logos
Dave Birss client logos
Dave Birss client logos

More about Dave Birss

I didn’t always specialise in AI. Before this took over my life, I helped businesses all over the world with creativity and innovation.

I’ve written best-selling, award-winning books on it. I’ve spoken about it on the biggest stages. I’ve trained and advised many of the world’s most recognisable brands. And I’ve taught at universities on five continents.

 A lot of this thinking feeds into what I’m doing now.


Virtual and in-person training for organisations that want to get better thinking out of their teams, with or without technology.


Discover some great additions to  your bookshelf. Or Kindle collection. Or maybe just think of them as valuable additions to your brain.


I’m a highly rated speaker who knows how to inspire an audience and explain complex topics with simplicity and passion. Apparently.

“I don’t know anyone who’d be better at this than Dave. We’ve worked with him for years and love the way he helps people get to better ideas.”

Reuben Webb, Stein IAS

"Dave has a wonderful talent for delivering sessions remotely and keeping them fun, relevant and inclusive. I would unreservedly recommend Dave as a trainer."

Andy Oakes, Bluestripe Group

“A positive force in any organisation and someone I would highly recommend. He was also great fun to work with."

Stuart Leach, Barrister

"Dave is a naturally gifted teacher. He is supportive, encourages the best out of people, and is generous in sharing his knowledge. "

Stephen Jenkins, Too Many Dreams

“Dave knows what good ideas are. And how to get to them. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll benefit from working with him. We certainly have."

Rob Morrice, Stein IAS

"The best virtual speaker I've ever seen!"

Jennifer Webb, BBI Trunk

"Listen to Dave. He's usually right. He's also the second nicest person after your mum you'll ever meet."

Piggy Lines, Carnage Films

"Dave is an exceptional teacher and goes all out to support the students. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he runs it in a friendly, knowledgeable and darn right hilarious way."

Vicky Jenkins, Clarus Training

"The work he's done has been outstanding and he's able to communicate with clients and peers in an approachable and friendly way. I certainly hope to work more with him in the future."

Jason DaPonte, ex-BBC

"Dave is Premier League. If you get a chance to work with him, grab it and learn."

David Russell, Blue Latitude Health