The virtual presenter who trains the other virtual presenters

When lockdoawn happened, I threw myself into learning everything I could about presenting remotely. I invested in equipment. I ran experiements. I studied TV production, live streaming and video effects. And I developed my own approaches.

I quickly earned the reputation of being someone who was pushing the field forward. So much so that LinkedIn Learning asked me to do a course on running remote workshops.

For more than a year I’ve been teaching businesses and individuals how to do better online presentations. And I’ve continued to experiment and evolve my approach.

I’m now sharing all my learnings in a new course. Virtual Presenting Academy is open for business.

"The best virtual speaker I've ever seen" - J.W.

Dave Birss was already a popular keynote speaker and educator before the pandemic happened. He specialised in creativity and innovation and was known for his energetic and interactive presentations.

As soon as the world went into lockdown, he set to work learning everything he could about remote presenting. Within a couple of months he was asked to create a course on remote workshops for LinkedIn Learning. And he’s now preparing more courses on virtual presenting.

He combines his experience of TV production and public speaking to create highly engaging and entertaining presentations. And he now teaches other speakers and trainers how to engage their remote audiences more effectively.

I'm accredited as a Trusted Virtual Trainer

Want to know if Dave is any good at remote training? Well, Course Conductor think so. They're a global independent accreditation body for training professionals. And their accreditations are based entirely on verified customer feedback and independent training evaluations. So he's pretty chuffed to have these badges!

LinkedIn Learning Dave Birss remote presentations

Dave has a number of courses on LinkedIn Learning. These are on creativity, innovation and remote presenting. Several are created for people working remotely. And there are more courses in development.

Hit the button below and see what takes your fancy.

Dave is trusted by big businesses

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