prompt engineering workshop

A half-day training session to prompt like a pro

A hands-on practical session with frameworks, tips and tricks 


Many people feel frustrated that large language models like ChatGPT don’t live up to their full potential. Without a good understanding of prompt engineering, it’s tough to get these AIs to give you what you hoped for. Poorly structured prompts result in irrelevant, inconsistent, or unhelpful AI outputs. But well written prompts will exceed expectations and help people achieve more than was previously possible.

This intensive Prompt Engineering Workshop equips attendees with proven prompt writing frameworks to consistently get the most out of AI. Over a fast-paced half-day, your team will gain hands-on practice building prompts that clearly communicate their intent and deliver responses suitable for their specific needs.

Through interactive sessions, they’ll learn techniques to refine and optimize their prompts. They’ll also receive a number of prompts they can customize and immediately apply to real-world AI use cases. After the session they’ll be equipped to develop their own prompts and hone them to make them super-effective.

Don’t settle for lackluster results from the revolutionary AI at your fingertips. Sign up for the Prompt Engineering Workshop and unlock the full potential of large language models through the art and science of prompt writing.

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what I teach in the Prompt Engineering workshop

Developing an AI Strategy

We look at how to create a strategy for AI use that fits with your business. This will help you use AI to grow in the direction you’re aiming at.

Crafting your AI guidelines

You need clear guidelines and communications to turn your AI strategy into actions. We’ll look at everything you need to consider and write a first draft.

Creating a prompt library

We’ll look at how to create and manage a centralised resource of effective prompts that your team can use to get maximum effectiveness from AI.

How your organisation can benefit from the Prompt Engineering workshop

  • Drive innovation by prompting AI to generate novel solutions and ideas tailored to your business needs.
  • Increase efficiency by equipping staff to automate repetitive tasks through effective prompting.
  • Improve quality by structuring prompts that produce higher accuracy rates from AI.
  • Enhance service by prompting AI to provide personalized and thoughtful responses to customers.
  • Minimize risks by developing prompts that align AI use with your brand values and ethics.
  • Drive standardization by creating a library of prompts employees can utilize company-wide.
  • Get ahead of competitors by building strategic prompts that unlock more advanced AI capabilities.
  • Tackle previously impossible challenges by directing AI to handle complex problems through effective prompting.
  • Achieve greater ROI on AI investments by maximizing the utility of current models before upgrading.
  • Future-proof your operations by upskilling staff in the crucial skill of prompt engineering.
  • Augment human capabilities by using prompts to focus AI on enhancing the critical work of your people.
AI Unlocked leave behind booklet - from Dave Birss

Includes a booklet with a summary and links to resources

This workshop is designed to have as much of an impact on attendees as possible. So rather than expecting them to refer back to their hastily scribbled notes after the session, they’ll get a PDF booklet with the key learnings and links to the resources we use during the session.

Dave Birss teaching AI prompt engineering for LinkedIn Learning

Attendee kit-list for the
prompt engineering workshop:

  • A laptop
  • A ChatGPT account
  • An open mind
  • A positive attitude
  • A sense of humour

I have the top AI courses on LinkedIn Learning

If you want to learn more more about AI and prompt engineering, this course is a great place to start.

And here’s what clients are saying:


ratings for virtual presenting fast track



ratings for virtual presenting fast track



ratings for virtual presenting fast track


Before attending Dave’s Unlocked AI course I felt uncertain about how to effectively use AI to support my workflow and confused about wether this was actually something I wanted to do. After attending this course, I feel more confident in incorporating AI into my workflow in a way that doesn’t comprise the value that I bring
Kate Ensor

Really enjoyed attending Dave’s AI workshop, I came away with a very different strategy to my content writing challenge which will help me to get more & better quality outputs from the AI tools. Many thanks.
Andrew Nash

Highly recommend. Dave is engaging and provides information you can use.
Christopher Hopkins

Dave has created the perfect workshop that cuts through the AI hype and provides easy to understand frameworks, tools, tips and techniques that builds enough confidence to begin to utilize AI effectively in business and personal life. Top Marks.
Mark Fallows

Great training, very useful information, resources to implement after the training. Highly recommended.
Mario Abreu

I am so grateful for participating in Dave’s AI workshop. Whether you’re a newcomer to AI or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills, this workshop caters to all levels of proficiency. Dave’s workshop extends beyond theoretical concepts, offering hands-on prompt writing activities. You won’t want to miss this chance to learn from a true expert!
David Chen

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