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There’s a lot of bunkum that surrounds creativity. Some people like to make it all spiritual and mystical. Others think it’s a logical process that requires the same steps every time. But the truth doesn’t lie at either end of these extremes.

Creativity is all about you, your attitude, the knowledge in your head and the people you work with.

This is a course to help you get all of that in order so that you’re better equipped to have valuable ideas and better prepared to make them happen.

It’s contains five short lessons, each of which gives you an exercise to do. These exercises are what give you the real value. The more effort you put into doing them, the more benefit you get from the course.

Hundreds of people have already taken the email version of this course and loved it. But now it’s better than ever with video lessons, pdf worksheets and a downloadable transcript of all the lessons.

And it’s entirely free. Yes, you read that right. It’s FREE.


The course includes:

  • 5 video lessons that focus on different aspects of creativity (preferably watched one per day)
  • Tasks to help you identify the areas you need to work on to improve your creative abilities
  • 5 PDF worksheets
  • A full transcript of each lesson
  • A 50+ page PDF download of the entire course, including transcripts and worksheets
  • Links to more FREE creative resources

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What people are saying about creative bootcamp

Dave Birss is a whirlwind of creative energy. This 5-day course gives a brilliant taster of his proven techniques to ramp up your creative skills and unleash the ideas within you. It’s simple, effective, and fun. So glad I did it!

Allister Frost

Speaker & Coach,

All my life, I had believed that creativity is something that can’t be learned until I came across this brilliant course by Dave Birss. This course helped me to understand how creativity is directly proportional to breadth and depth of my brain. This course taught me how to widen the above parameters and become brilliant in my craft.

Ekta Singh Chandel


I really enjoyed going through the 5 days of the bootcamp. Each day was filled with a lesson and a practical task that helped put the lesson in perspective. At the end of the bootcamp, I felt rejuvenated and wanted to try more.

Matt Miller

Innovative Learning Specialist, Five Star Technology

I found Dave Birss’ Creativity Bootcamp to be an engaging, introspective learning journey that inspired much more than just creativity.

Pamela Shakil

Associate, Transformation Systems

Dave Birss has done it again. Finding ways to nudge our thinking patterns towards more creative ideas. Over a series of 5 days, Dave takes you on a journey that is bitesize, so will not eat into your day, yet introduces mind altering techniques that can change the way we view the world around us, the people around us and ourselves. The outcome is new curiosities leading to new abilities to come up with uniquely creative ideas. Warning, this journey might lead you to trying new things so you may find yourself becoming more interested in the world and more interesting as a result.

Mart Gordon

Founder, MundoNovus

The Creative Bootcamp Course was a tremendous introduction to the topic of creative thinking. This course highlighted some of the key topics and through the exercises made me think about how I can improve the situation in meetings where we are looking to get creative on the solutions we offer and how partners can take them to market.

Stephen Porter

Staff Cloud Solution Strategist

Dave has done it again! He’s taken his decades of experience and expertise, and condensed a chunk of that into an incredibly valuable and easy-to-digest creativity bootcamp. With five clear, straightforward lessons, associated with clever, practical tasks that anyone can complete, this course will give anyone a boost and help them better flex their creative muscles.

Miriam Staley

Founder, Leading Minds Worldwide

Throughout Dave’s courses, I’ve been struck by how unique and creative his content is. Creativity isn’t just an area of expertise for him, it’s clearly his passion. Indeed, it’s his mission. So when he made his Creative Bootcamp available, I jumped at the chance to sign up for it, and I’m so glad I did. In a short and fun series of videos, Dave helped me understand creativity in powerful new ways and gave me new tools to help me make the most of my own creativity, which is already paying off big time. Whatever you do for a living, or for fun, you can get more out of it and enjoy it more by applying what Dave teaches you in his uniquely Creative Bootcamp. Don’t miss your chance to create a more compelling and fulfilling future of your own.

Keith Ellis

Author, speaker & entrepreneur,

We all have the capacity for creativity, but sometimes we just need a push in the right direction to get us to recognize and utilize our inborn creative abilities. As someone who is always looking for new approaches to creativity, I was thrilled to learn about Dave Birss’ new Creative Bootcamp. In five short and simple lessons, this bootcamp will cause you to think about creativity in ways you haven’t before, and will help you unlock the creative genius that lies with you.

Lou Prosperi

Senior Manager of Documentation and Curriculum & Author, Oracle Energy and Water

Dave’s Bootcamp was the perfect booster for my mind. It set my creative-gears in motion and it managed to give a good nudge to my imagination.

Evi Karydi

EFL Teacher

Dave really puts the ‘ee’ in free (& the ‘tent’ in content- definitely not the ‘con’)! He knows how to package information in bite-sized chunks (with puns included!)

Nigel Balfour

Dave is certainly my ‘go to’ individual when I’m struggling to fill the page. His work on the topic of inspiring, generating or just becoming creative is amazing and I heartily recommend his courses
Chris Bentley

Sales Director, Smithkin Baker

As a creative, you sometimes need a kick, a reminder about what it means to be creative. Or maybe you want to learn how to be creative?
Dave’s Creative Bootcamp does exactly that. A course for anyone who wants to work on their creative skills and mindset. It’s five easy steps that get your creative juices flowing. Go and do it!

Nicolai Amter

Brand Strategy | Creative Lead | Storytelling

Creative Bootcamp is a great course for everyone who wants to shake up their routine and bring more creativity to their personal and work lives. It’s quick, easy, and actionable, so you’ll see the results in no time!

Anastasia Shcherbakova

Experience Strategist

New ideas mean power. If you know how to be more creative, you are sure to be one step ahead! Dave Birss covers the creative topic in an inspiring and clear way in this course. It’s full of insightful exercises that really made me stretch my creative muscles! Great tool for anyone who is interested in boosting their creative abilities and skills.

Laìs M Gùrgel

Head of Digital Marketing, Eurofarma

Dave Birss’ “Creative Bootcamp” provides spot-on advice and reminders for any creative who may be stuck in rut. His advice led me to mix up my morning routine in a way that improved the way I manage our social media.

Paul Snatchko

Director of Marketing and Communications, The Paulist Fathers

Thank you for making me realise that I check out too easily and too early in our team’s creative process. With harder work on my end through communication, persuasion and tenacity this doesn’t need to be the slow end-game to my career; it could be a whole new dawn. Thanks for the course. I will share it with the team.

Mark Harvey

Technical Trainer, Sartorius

The course made me think more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Some of the material can be adapted to ELT classroom use.

Svetlana Gavrilovic

English Teacher

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Your Creative Bootcamp trainer

Dave Birss is an author, educator, public speaker, and consultant.

He’s been involved in the creative industries for over 30 years as an advertising creative director, musician, producer, standup comedian, radio broadcaster, TV presenter, video director and writer.

And he loves taking what he’s learned in those varied roles to teach other people how to have better ideas and how to improve the chances of those ideas happening.

He’s taught at universities and colleges all over the world, from Singapore to Santiago, New York to Paris. And he’s a popular LinkedIn Learning instructor with a growing number of courses on the platform.

He also hosts his own online courses. During lockdown he launched Virtual Presenting Academy with courses on how to deliver better online presentations. And he has more creative courses on the way. 

He’s been sharing his learnings with some of the best brands in the world. Including Apple, EA Games, the BBC, Sky Television, HSBC, Twinings, Nestlé, Experian, and Hilton.

So you’re in good company.

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