Find out more about my LinkedIn Learning creativity and innovation courses

I’ve got a few LinkedIn Learning courses available. And a handful more in the works.

These courses are focused on developing creative abilities and innovation skills.  They’re designed to help individuals and team leaders. Because everyone has the potential to have more ideas and better ideas.

This isn’t your typical creative fluff-fest. The courses are practical and packed with tools and techniques that will make a difference immediately.

Check out the videos below. And, if you don’t already have access to LinkedIn Learning, use any of the buttons on this page to sign up for a free 30-day trial using my affiliate link.

My current LinkedIn Learning courses

Here are the courses I currently have on the platform:

How to Create and Run a Brilliant Remote Workshop

Get practical advice, techniques, and frameworks to help you develop and run effective remote workshops. With in-person professional gatherings halted due to COVID-19, expert Dave Birss can teach you how to create and run a remote workshop that will have an impact and help you achieve your business goals. Using engaging examples and his signature humor, Dave walks you through preparing for a great remote workshop, selecting the right technology, engaging participants, working with the output of a remote workshop, and more.

How to Innovate and Stay Relevant in Times of Change

Times of change and uncertainty are great opportunities to benefit from innovation. When every other company seems to be doing the same thing and cutting activities deemed to be unnecessary, you can benefit by doing the exact opposite. Learn how to spot new opportunities, pivot, and innovate when the world around you has gone mad. Discover how to set the groundwork for innovation, encourage your teams to generate innovative ideas, and select the best ideas to prototype and launch into action.

Boost Your Creativity at Home in 10 Days

Discover how to develop your creative abilities, so you’re better equipped to generate valuable ideas for your company or yourself. Each lesson includes a practical exercise that’s designed to improve different facets of your creative abilities. Along the way, Dave shares tools and techniques to help you come up with, improve upon, and prototype novel ideas. Plus, get tips for persuading decision-makers to support your ideas. Tune in to one lesson a day for 10 days to supercharge your creative abilities.

Practical creativity for everyone

Join London-based creativity and innovation expert Dave Birss as he shares a practical approach to enhancing creative ability. Dave begins by dispelling common myths about creativity, including the idea that some people are naturally creative while others aren’t. He goes on to offer tools for coming up with more and better ideas, developing those ideas, and increasing the chance of selling them. Dave also shares a process for getting ideas over the finish line with stakeholders.

Managing for better ideas

Collaborative creative thinking in organizations is more important than ever, but the usual brainstorming approach is typically ineffective. In a course ideal for current and aspiring managers, creativity and innovation expert Dave Birss shares a practical approach to managing groups toward inspired, creative thinking. Dave begins by examining the importance of defining the problem or opportunity, and goes on to outline his framework for guiding teams to come up with potential solutions. Dave also explores ways to test, refine, and simplify raw ideas to improve the chances of selling them to decision makers.
What people say about the courses:

"I've just seen your creative course in LinkedIn. I love the way you teach and how you make your message simple and clear."

– A. F. R.

"Very good, great energy and content is excellent. Loved the point about brainstorming. Really useful content."

– A. A. K.

"Just finished Managing for Better Ideas. Great content! Definitely helps me with how I approach, well, anything!!!"

– L. G.

"Thanks for your "Practical Creativity for Everyone" course on Lynda. It was very insightful! "

– T. R. S.

"LOVED your class on LinkedIn! Getting ready to take the second one."

– S. B.

"I've just finished your LinkedIn Learning course. I enjoyed learning and checking out the resources on your website"

– L. K.

"Thanks so much for doing these, Dave, I quite enjoyed them. "

– T. D.

"I enjoyed the course and found the lesson about Brainstorming and writing a creative brief very informative. Thank you for the course. I was glad I took it."

– D. W. S.

"I've always struggled to explain idea-generation to people and your course just made it sound so easy! I've recommended it to a large group of colleagues!"

– M. H.

"Just completed your course: 'Managing for Better Ideas.' Absolutely amazing!"

– R. E.

"I recently watched your course on Practical Creativity for Everyone and very much enjoyed it. Thank you!"

– M. D. N.

"I've just finished your course, it was fantastic, thank you so much for offering it to LinkedIn."

– B. K.

"I took your class on LinkedIn Learning. It helps a lot to have a framework to come up with ideas 🙂 Looking forward to reading your book."

– I. R.

"Thank you very much, Dave, I find your training valuable ????"

– A. A.

"I would like to thank you for your insights, explanations, different techniques, etc. Keep up the good work!"

– M. R.

"Thanks a lot Dave Birss for this and more learning. Let me recommend this 27 minute course to all"

– N. G.

"That is a short, but very insightful course about Creativity. Thanks Dave Birss. "

– T. R. S.

"Many thanks to Mr Dave Birss for designing & delivering this wonderful course. The course is extremely valuable and I really learnt a lot from you."

– M. N. A.

"Looking for someone to help you come up with better ideas? Someone experienced? Someone with a proven track record? Then Dave Birss and his LinkedIn Learning courses are exactly what you’re looking for."

– M. J. H. B.

"Contrary to popular belief, creative thinking is a skill that can be learnt, or at least nurtured. And my good pal Dave Birss has a LinkedIn Learning course to help you and your team do just that."

– M. D.

"I just saw one of your courses and I'm in love. I love your energy. Definitely following the others and getting the books. Thank you!"

– M. S.

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Look out for more courses coming soon

Get the training face-to-face

I run training sessions for organisations all over the world.

If you’d like me to train your team – or advise you on how to improve creative thinking across your organisation – just drop me a line.

I’d love to help you get to better ideas.



I've got a book about that

If you enjoy my LinkedIn Learning creativity courses and want to explore my thinking further, you should probably pick up my book ‘How To Get To Great Ideas‘.

It’s got practical, fluff-free advice that can help you get better ideas out of your own mind – or the minds of your colleagues.

And people seem to like it. Here are a couple of reviews:

“Dave has the midas touch when it comes to clarifying the complicated process of idea generation. This book is an absolute must-have for anyone who values creativity and wants to unlock the secrets to great ideas. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”

– Craig W.

“The theories make so much sense you’ll wonder why you’re only finding out about them now. It’s fascinating and funny too so you can romp through this book.”

– Hannah

LinkedIn Learning courses I recommend

I love doing courses on LinkedIn Learning. I usually do three or four of them a week.
Here’s an ever-expanding list of some of my favourites that have something to do with what I talk about.

Leading with Intelligent Disobedience

I loved this course. Bob McGannon shares some brilliant advice on how to act with independent intelligence in a conservative organisation. This is something I often talk about but Bob takes it further. Just brilliant!

The Business Case for Curiosity

Curiosity is the foundation of creativity. And many people I talk to say that it’s something that you either have or you don’t. I don’t agree. And neither does Becki Saltzman. In this course, she looks at how you can develop it in yourself and your team.

Improving Your Judgment for Better Decision-Making

This is another brilliant course from Becki Saltzman. I talk a little bit about judgement in my courses but Becki shares her own helpful frameworks and advice. Watching this should be mandatory for anyone with decision-making power.

Why Trust Matters with Rachel Botsman

Trust is a really important ingredient for group creativity. Most people will struggle to share interesting ideas if they can’t trust their team-mates not to judge them harshly. Rachel Botsman shares what trust is and how to develop it.

Fred Kofman on Managing Conflict

Conflict is often an unavoidable part of the creative journey. You don’t get to great ideas by conforming. And when you go against the grain, you’ll often encounter conflict. But instead of avoiding conflict, this course shows you how to deal with it.

Psychological Safety with Amy Edmondson

The main thing that prevents employees from having and sharing ideas is fear. This course from Amy Edmondson, Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard, explains how to create an environment that’s more welcoming to creative thinking.

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