How to write a great brief that sparks great ideas

A brilliant brief is like a treasure map with a big fat ‘X’ that marks the spot.

It leads the team to where the valuable ideas are and it gives them the tools to unearth them.

So I want to send you a free briefing template and a guide on how to fill it in.

Which gets you several steps closer to those golden ideas, whether you need them for innovation projects, marketing or problem solving.

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In my two decades in the advertising industry, I saw dozens of briefing formats. And I was given hundreds of briefs to work on. I got to understand what worked well and what didn’t. (And most if it didn’t.)

In the last decade, I’ve been working with companies to help them innovate and come up with ideas that give them an advantage. In that time, I’ve experimented with briefing formats that lead to great ideas.

That’s exactly what I want to share with you here.

I’ve used this briefing template for new product ideas, marketing campaigns, problem-solving and other uses.

I’m hoping that you find it as useful as I have.

How to write a brilliant brief - a free guide and template from Dave Birss


Dave is a former advertising creative director who worked on hundreds of briefs in his 20 years in the industry. Over the last few years, he’s worked with dozens of companies across lots of sectors to help them get more impactful ideas out of their teams.

Dave’s best known for teaching, speaking and writing books on creativity and innovation. But he also consults for companies to help them benefit from creative thinking..

He’s helped them with innovation ideas, marketing campaigns and problem solving. And without fail he’s found that great briefs are the route to great ideas.

Dave has taught at universities from London to New York, Santiago to Singapore. He’s got a number of popular courses on LinkedIn Learning and is working on a number of courses focused on remote working.

Having a ridiculous surname makes him very Google-able. Have a go and see what dirt you can find.


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Sign up and I’ll send you a free briefing template and a 16-page guide on how to fill it in.

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