This short documentary on successful company cultures is based on the last part of my book, How To Get To Great Ideas. In the film, I look at how organisations can get better ideas out of their employees. And how they can give the ideas the best chance of benefiting their business.

In the film I use Havas Lynx as a case study of how to develop a company culture. Because they do it brilliantly. And it’s had a huge impact on their business.

You can watch the entire film right here. Or pick out some digestible snippets below:


Here are a few short excerpts from the documentary that outline some of the thinking.

Pack Animals

Humans have a natural urge to conform. It’s bred into us. But we need to fight it if we want great ideas.

Not just free beer

Lots of organisations go for the trappings of a great culture rather than actually creating a great culture itself.

Identical work units

When organisations treat everyone identically they miss out on all the stuff that makes each individual valuable.

Avoid the Hierarchy

Each layer of a hierarchy that an idea has to pass through reduces the likelihood of the idea happening. It’s best to avoid them.

Share recognition

The common way of encouraging employees to improve their performance is to offer rewards. That doesn’t work for ideas.

Higher purpose

The days of hollow corporate mission statements are gone. You actually need to believe in something bigger.

Read where it all came from

Most of the thinking in the film comes from Dave’s book, How To Get To Great Ideas. The last section of the book looks at how company cultures, hierarchies, training, processes, environment and other factors have an impact on a company’s ability to innovate successfully.

Ask for it at your local bookstore. Or, if you just can’t wait, search for it on your local Amazon.

If you want to find out more about the book first, look here.

Massive thanks

This film wouldn’t have been possible without
the generosity of Havas Lynx and Studio 6 Life.