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Some other helpful links


Zoom – I’m sure you’ve got it, but here’s a link anyway

mmhmm – this is what we’re using in this course

Presentify – screen annotation for macOS

Epic Pen – screen annotation for Windows and macOS

Butter – for more interactive and engaging online meetings

Imagery and video

Canva – free graphic templates and stock imagery

Pixlr – free online photo editor

Unsplash – free stock photography library

Pexels – free stock photography and video library

Pixabay – free stock photography and video library

Storyblocks – a subscription service for high-quality video and images

Epidemic Sound – a subscription service for high-quality music and sound effects

Dave’s free online tools

Story Dice – a handy prompt to hone your storytelling skills

This ‘n’ That – combine two objects to create something new

Industry Switcheroo – be inspired by another industry

Brain Swap – come up with ideas by thinking like someone else

Inspiration Engine – apply lessons learned from other amazing ideas