A study into how speakers and trainers feel about remote presenting

 In early 2020, speakers and trainers around the world found themselves immediately impacted by the pandemic. Personally, I lost every single booking in my diary in just 10 days. I was left with no income and nothing to take up my time. So I threw myself into learning everything I could about this new world of remote content delivery.

And part of that involved doing a study into the attitudes and skills of my fellow trainers and speakers around the world.

This report reveals the results of that research.


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Dave Birss remote presenting study

International research

I gathered respondents from all over the world to see if there were any geographical differences in how speakers and trainers were responding to remote delivery.

I discovered that the issues and attitudes are pretty universal.

Dave Birss remote presenting study

Data visualisations

It’s reassuring when your data produces elegant ramps and bell curves. That was certainly the case with this research.

I’ve visualised the data as clearly as possible to make it easy to understand.

Dave Birss remote presenting study

Breadth of opinion

It was interesting to see that the respondents were quite split on the issue. There wasn’t a lot of grey area in between.

They either resisted remote presenting and saw it as second-rate or embraced it and were actively looking for the opportunities.

Let me send you a free copy of the report

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This study was done entirely by Dave Birss. There was no money in it for him; it was done purely out of curiosity.

Dave has been a professional public speaker for over a decade. He lost all of his business at the start of the pandemic and has spent his time looking for opportunities in the new ways of delivering remote content.

He’s also experienced on both sides of a camera; as a presenter and a director. He’s combined both of these skills to create a method of doing remote presentations that’s getting amazing feedback. 

Dave’s best known for teaching, speaking and writing books on creativity and innovation. And he’s applied his innovative approach to remote presenting – researching, defining the audience needs, experimenting with technology and developing new processes. His highly visual and interactive presentations are getting amazing feedback from audiences all over the world.

He’s been teaching what he’s learned to organisations from New York to Kathmandu and he’s currently preparing courses on remote presenting for LinkedIn Learning. 

He sees remote presenting as a huge opportunity for those who embrace it.

I'm accredited as a Trusted Virtual Trainer

Want to know if Dave is any good at remote training? Well, Course Conductor think so. They're a global independent accreditation body for training professionals. And their accreditations are based entirely on verified customer feedback and independent training evaluations. So he's pretty chuffed to have these badges!

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