Who is this Dave Birss chap?

I'm obsessed with creativity - what it is, where it comes from, its role in history, its place in our future, what makes some people more creative than others - and this obsession finds its way into almost everything I do. I'm on a mission to shatter the myths and destroy the mystique around the creative process. And on the way, enable more people to harness their untapped creative abilities and help organisations use it more effectively.

My main role is running and editing Open for Ideas; an online magazine that's dedicated to democratising creativity and sharing practical advice to help everyone generate ideas more effectively. I've managed to collect an astounding calibre of contributors who look at the subject from lots of different angles. I'm learning something new every day and hope that our readers are doing the same.

A couple of years ago I wrote A User Guide to the Creative Mind. It's a quick read that describes the creative process and explains how to come up with more ideas. I've recently started giving it away for free to everyone who signs up for the Open for Ideas newsletter.

Over the last few years I've worked with lots of individuals and organisations to help them boost their creativity. Which in turn taught me that it takes more than a couple of workshops to transform the creative output of a company. You also need to look at the environment, the processes, the culture and the structure. So that's one of the things I do now.

I also have a big interest in technology. Which is why I started One Day Code School. The web is the most powerful creative tool we've ever had. There's never been a better way of getting an idea out to the entire world. And I want to open that door to as many people as possible.

I spend a lot of time speaking at events - and occasionally hosting them. I mainly speak on creativity and innovation. But I've been known to cover off other topics like advertising, marketing, broadcast and music.

You can also find me doing stuff both behind and in front of a camera. I've recently had a six part series - The Day Before Tomorrow - broadcast in the UK. And a Virtual Reality documentary - Secret Spaces - released online. You'll also find me producing and directing films for other people.

I'm currently beavering away on a number of books and TV shows. And working with companies that want to become more creative or innovative.

If you want to find out more about working with me, just shout.

Why get Dave to speak?

Great Reviews

Dave tailors each talk to his audience. He challenges them with plain truths and explains scientific principles with simplicity. Most importantly, he gives practical advice that can be put into action immediately. And he delivers it all in an engaging and entertaining manner. Which is why he consistently gets great reviews.

Wide Experience

Dave has worked in a number of creative environments. As well as being Creative Director of some of London's biggest and best ad agencies, he's also worked as a musician, stand-up comedian, broadcaster, poet and illustrator. And he's consulted for broadcasters, publishers, financial institutions and more.

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