Experiments in Creativity with Dave Birss
Dave Birss teaching AI prompt engineering for LinkedIn Learning

ChatGPT Prompt engineering for absolute legends

Join instructor Dave Birss for a crash course in generative AI and learn how to get started with prompt engineering for ChatGPT and other chatbots to upskill as a researcher and a writer.

Dave’s got the inside scoop on creating effective prompts that actually deliver high-quality, task-relevant results. He’ll give you a rundown of some key considerations when working with generative AI, plus hands-on, practical strategies to help you step up your research and writing game. You’ll learn how to summarize complex info, view subjects from multiple perspectives, build user personas and strategic models, analyze writing style, outline ideas, and generate new content.

After taking this course, you’ll be ready to harness the power of ChatGPT and other chatbots to consistently deliver killer writing outcomes. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to the future of AI-assisted writing!

(Text written by ChatGPT, naturally!)

ChatGPT prompt engineering with Dave Birss on LinkedIn Learning

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The Prompt Guide booklet from Dave Birss

Plus get a free booklet with all the ChatGPT prompts and learnings from the course

In the course, you’ll find a link to a 73-page booklet with reminders of the main learnings, the prompts from the course and a few added bonuses. People are charging a fortune for resources that aren’t nearly as good as this.

It’s worth taking the course, just for this!


And here’s what students are saying (without using ChatGPT!)

Your course was fantastic! You made me feel like we were in the same room and you gave me some valuable tactics to go practice and refine. I’ve already bookmarked some more of your courses, keep up the awesome work!
Patrick Riley

Thank you Dave Birss for the informative course on “How to Research and Write using Generative AI tools”. Your course has been incredibly helpful in teaching me how to utilize new AI tools such as ChatGPT to enhance my research and writing abilities. I appreciated the clear and concise instructions provided throughout the course, which allowed me to quickly and easily learn how to use these powerful tools. Now I’m so much excited to start applying these new skills to my work, and see significant improvement in the quality of my  research and writing.
Hassan Karahamo

This is a wonderful course through Linked In Learning. If you’ve been curious about what all the fuss over Chat GPT is about, you’ll get some solid answers here. Highly recommended!
Lloyd Wasser

Brilliant – so well structured, interesting and useful. Anyone who rides anything will learn buckets watching this.
Mel Henson

Interesting and useful short introductory course that was worth taking even for those with some existing experience of working with chatGPT. I particularly found the idea of giving the AI a specific personality and background to help give focus and tone to the results.
Robert McIntosh

I took “How to Research & Write Using Generative AI Tools” Friday, and it blew me away. I loved the prompts & tips, your delivery & style. Thank you! 
Catherine Carr

Thanks for the fantastic course. Your suggested approach and prompts have already improved my conversations with AI. It will be a catalyst. I’ll keep on track for this one.
Hande Edremit

I took your course on writing with ChatGPT. It was very interesting and helped me comprehend better how the AI works. It is such a great idea to have this kind of course available to navigate ChatGPT and get the best usage out of it. Thank you for creating the course!
Monika Paquette

I just finished watching your course about using generative AI tools, it was so innovative and informative. I learned a lot.
Yuval Hernik

Great work, Dave! I loved the ChatGPT prompt templates and will surely use them in my work.

Iulia-Cristina Uță

Time very well invested! Some great ideas and insights on how to use ChatGPT to build on your work and enable you to do greater research and writing. Thanks to Dave Birss for being such a delightful tutor!

Emma Sands

I just finished your AMAZING (with a capital AMAZING) LinkedIn Course “How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools.” As a copywriter, I was (am?) super-anxious about this new technology, but your tutorial calmed my nerves. I’m now excited to allow it to help me become a better writer!
Sharyn Klaiman

Just completed your course How to Research and write using Generative AI tools! Brilliant — I was immersed almost like in a thriller movie where you can’t stop watching until the end and see if your intuition was right. Great setting and composition — I learned a lot 🔥
Tommaso Maggio

Thank you Dave Birss, the course was really engaging, and the examples were both practical and fun!
Radostina Peteva

The course was exactly what I was looking for on how to optimize the usage of ChatGPT because I tested it 3 times but couldn’t get the most out of it. I loved most of the prompts. I discovered how it could help me in research not only in editing texts. I knew there was more to it than a simple gimmick. Next time I use ChatGPT I’ll definitely put your prompts philosophy into action and go deeper into a conversation to enhance the quality of the output.
Marc Halal

I recently attended your course on ChatGPT. I really loved the way you presented and I am an aspiring content creator so I would also be taking your course on conducting online workshops. 
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Aishwarya Upadhyay

As usual, Dave makes it simple and fun! You know you don’t want to miss this opportunity for a FREE introduction to the biggest thing since sliced bread (really)! Follow him for loads more useful stuff.
Saleem Khawaja

I am an aspiring social media marketer. I was scrolling on LinkedIn Learning and came across your amazing course on “HOW TO RESEARCH AND WRITE USING GENERATIVE AI TOOLS”. I started learning immediately and completed within 2 hrs. I was really impressed.
Elavarasan VK

If you are curious about AI and leveraging it in your work, this course was a great introduction and provided unique prompts to generate insightful results from ChatGPT. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Dave Birss!

Kiley Adolph

Just completed your “How to write and research using AI tools” course and it is easily the most useful course on ChatGPT.
Really excited to dig deeper and discover more.
Tanmayee Umrikar

Started watching this morning and loved the awesomeness. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge 👏 BTW had so much fun today applying what I learned this morning. 😀💖
Cris Young

All we hear about on social media these days are GenAI and ChatGPT but finding real use cases can be tricky. I know I’ve been looking for such examples for a while. This course demystifies ChatGPT and provides comprehensive training on how to effectively use GPT prompts with practical exercises & real-world examples, a great starting point to experiment further!
Amandine Flachs

As a technical writer, the most useful prompts included providing content and collaborating with the AI to summarize the content or reformat it. With enough context, and using the C.R.E.A.T.E method, I was able to get a pretty good reference guide with properly formatted python code samples, subheadings, and a table of commands along with an example of each command, formatted in reStructuredText!
Tara the Technical Writer

I just took your course on How to Research and Write using Generative AI. Thank you so much for putting up this course. I was not using GPT3 to its full potential but now I have a better sense of how to write prompts to get better results.
Vishal Kumar

As a career technical education instructor for adult education and colleges, I believe you give me more than I expected. I am blown by the quantity of good information and detail you have provided, and for that I am grateful. I will be able to put all I have learned into practice, as well as share with my students, in a better constructive way. I also, have signed up for the Creative Bootcamp. Hoping to learn more from you. Thanks.
Marcio Dpaulla

The course is great and I truly enjoyed learning how to expand my knowledge and thinking on the use of prompts within ChatGPT. As an initial casual user of ChatCPT, the course helped me better understand how to think of prompts from a whole different perspective. I will definitely be using it from a personal and professional perspective to come up with more creative ways to think about, solve, and share ideas.
Rickie Singleton

Thank you for the great course on Chat GPT. As a beginner I can tell you that it was very clear.
Maria Solis

Well worth completing this course in order to get the most out of ChatGPT. Very informative, excellent delivery and really clear examples. Would highly recommend.
Eimer Walsh

I recently completed your LinkedIn Learning course and I must say, it was a truly transformative experience. The skills and knowledge I have gained from this course are beyond my initial expectations, and I am eager to apply them in my own work. Your C.R.E.A.T.E. framework, in particular, has been instrumental in enhancing my understanding of how to craft effective prompts and harness the power of AI tools.

Doga Sisli

I just finished your course on “How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools” and wanted to say thank you! It was extremely informative and useful.

Adarsh Prasad

Thank you Dave Birss, I really like the way you explain ChatGPT, in very unique ways and examples. Even when you did so many attempts that ChatGPT blocked you until the next day 🤣 😂

Juracy Americo