Dave Birss works with businesses to help them benefit from fresh thinking.

Studies show that more than 70% of senior executives believe innovation will be a key driver of business growth. Yet 94% of managers are dissasitisfied with their company’s innovation performance.

Dave helps companies understand how to generate more valuable ideas, get them approved by the right people and take them to market.

Here are a few ways he can help you.

Creativity & innovation Audit

Discover what’s stopping your organisation from benefiting from great ideas.
And find out how to fix it.

For the last few years, I’ve been speaking to business leaders who tell me they’re not happy with innovation in their organisation. They all agree that ideas are important to the future of their business. But they’re not getting fresh ideas from their staff. The ideas they get aren’t making it through the system. And the ideas that do aren’t having the impact they hoped for. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Based on research for How To Get To Great Ideas, I’ve developed an audit to help organisations discover what isn’t working and learn how to fix it.

The report I deliver doesn’t just focus on the problems. It also suggests how to deal with them; proposing activities, processes, training and other actions that will lead to more success. Each audit is tailored to the needs and ambitions of the organisation. And the output is focused on practical solutions that will actually make a difference.


It involves:

  • Site visits
  • Conversations with the leadership team
  • Interviews with staff from across the organisation
  • Anonymous questionnaires
  • Marketplace analysis
  • Lots and lots of thinking
  • Presenting back the findings and delivering a printed report

I’m available to run audits in Europe and the US. And happy to chat to organisations beyond these areas.

Training on getting to great ideas

Develop the skills, habits and systems that give you and your organisation a better chance of having brilliant ideas.

For the last ten years, I’ve been running training courses all over the world to help people have better ideas. I’ve run them for businesses, for trade bodies, for universities and even for governments. I’ve run them for numerous industries, from marketing to finance, broadcast to petroleum, publishing to pharmaceuticals.

They’re always designed to leave people with practical tools they can take away with them and apply to their own work. And often come with resources you can continue to use long after the session.


I look at:

  • The processes that enable creative thinking
  • The habits that lead to better ideas
  • How to write and deliver more effective briefs
  • Techniques that can broaden your creative thinking
  • How to manage groups of people for ideas
  • How to sell ideas more successfully
  • How anyone can prototype

Innovation sherpa

Let me guide you on your innovation journey to give you the best chance of success.

If you have an innovation project you really want to succeed, I can work with you to get to a prototype as effectively as possible.

It’s best if I get involved before the project kicks off and stay with you all the way through to prototype. I’ll help you get the decision-makers aligned from the start. I’ll help you put the right team together and work out when to use them. I’ll help you get to the best ideas. I’ll help you manage the team for the best result. And I’ll help you create a prototype ready to test or present.

I’ll help you keep stakeholders involved throughout the process. And towards the end, I’ll help you get ready to present your idea in the most effective way. 

It includes:

  • Helping you define the task and write a brief
  • Advising on research and innovation strategy
  • Helping to align stakeholders and set expectations
  • Helping you curate the right team, internally and externally
  • Helping you generate ideas in different ways
  • Helping you develop ideas to make them better
  • Preparing and building prototypes

I can do this in Europe or the US. But I’m happy to talk to organisations outside these areas.

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